All about the best casino bonuses in 2022

What are online casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are certain amounts of real money that operators offer to have more players and for players to start at the casino, without having to contribute money. The amounts of money from different promotions usually vary depending on the type they are, and can go from € 50 or even what the operator considers appropriate.

A casino bonus can double or triple your deposit and give you a lot of extra options to win

Remember that you must pay special attention to the rules governing in the casinos to grant the different bonds. This regulation is very strict as far as impersonation of identity or use of false identities is concerned. All casinos you will find in are operated by licensed companies and, therefore, are totally reliable and safe. Forget about finding offers on the network and enjoy the best promotions.

Types of Casino Bonus

For someone who starts in the games, receiving a casino bonus is something essential for two reasons. The first because the casino offers us a real amount of money that we can use to play and, naturally, increase our profits. There is no trap: the promotions are worth the same as the money we contribute to play. The second is that many users lose the fear of contributing real and their own money after registration. All online casinos you will find on this page are 100% legal and work with secure payment methods.

Welcome Casino Bonds

The welcome bonus is delivered to the user after registering for the first time in an online casino and making the first money deposit. Virtually all online casinos you will find on the network, offer this type of promotion. The usual formula is to offer as a welcome bonus a percentage of the money contributed.

For example. The casino offers a welcome bonus of 50%, this means that if the user contributes € 100, the operator will offer 50 € extras. In total, the user will have € 150 to play.

This type of bonus is sometimes combined with a certain number of runs to the Slot machines.

Even though each casino offers its own Variant of Welcome Bonus, they are usually a type of similar offer packed in a slightly different package

Casino bonuses without deposit

The Bonuses without deposit They are special promotions that online casinos and betting houses offer users to make themselves known. They usually have an advertising intention, since, to receive these bonuses, the user must indicate an email where the bonus will receive and, on occasion, his phone number.

Bonds without deposit are usually a small amounts, usually € 50 or less. That does not mean that this amount is not real and that it is subject to limitations, the user can use it as well as real money and even receive revenue from profits.

Free Shots

The Free Shots A determined slot machine or roulette, users are offered in combination with the bonds or after a certain time of being playing.

The free spins mean you can play for free a few runs on the slot machines

Bet conditions

The conditions for charging casino bonds are very strict. Whether you received a welcome bonus or a bonus without deposit, you must have used a real name in the registry. If the casino can not verify your identity, you will not be able to charge the bonds or receive the profits you have achieved. In addition, you can only use your real identity once in each casino and for each bonus. This means that you will only have the right to a single welcome bonus in each casino in which you register.

What advantages have a casino bonus?

Casino bonds involve a series of terms and conditions that can make certain users doubt, are they really worthwhile or not more than a "bait" to attract new players and keep veterans? In our opinion, it depends on the bonus, but promotions have important advantages that you must take into account:

  1. They are an ideal way to know better a casino and discover your library of games without risking your own money.
  2. They also allow you to test strategies and dominate those games that require a certain strategy.
  3. They allow you to increase your funds without having to enter more money.
  4. Awards your loyalty with a casino and you can hold succulent prizes, advantages and funds in cash.
  5. They give you the opportunity to bet without fear of losing your money, since you will actually be using the casino bonus funds.

Tip: For a bonus to reduce the penalty in the long term, the betting requirement must be low. A Rollover required low is preferable to high percentages

The important thing about the terms and conditions of a bonus

Bonuses and other promotions are one of the main claims of casinos Online: Operators compete for offering the highest bonus and players try to get the most out of each of them. However, to earn money with a bonus it is necessary to know all the requirements that entails, fulfill the Rollover And often also make a deposit before you can remove any gain achieved by playing with balance from a bonus.

All you need to know to be able to release a bonus - even the keys to see if this is really a viable option or not found in the terms and conditions.


The Rollover It is the number of times you have to play the money from the bonus before you can free it. It is expressed as a multiplier, for example, x40. That means that for a bonus, for example, € 12 you have to bet the balance equivalent to € 480 (12 × 40) and so you can convert your € 12 Bonus into real money.

Obviously, this transaction involves risks, and can only be carried out according to conditions dictated by the casino, as a time limit - among 10 and 30 days after requesting the bonus - and whenever you bet the balance of the bonus only in Certain games

As a general rule, the lowest value bonds usually have a Rollover Lower, but it's not always like that. Think that of first you will be much more difficult to release a tall bonus, for example, € 50, although its Rollover Be of only X15 (750). On the other hand, whatever the initial value of the bonus, any Rollover Above X25 it will be complicated to fulfill.

Bet limits

The bet limits on a bonus should be understood in two senses: the maximum amount of money you can bet at once or for a certain game using the balance of the bonus and also in which games you have restrictions to bet. The latter implies that, well there are certain veined games or that they do not compute to fulfill the Rollover, or some games do not have 100% to contribute with the Rollover.

For example, there are some casinos that exclude simple bets on roulette (red / black or pair / odd, for example) or limit blackjack bets by 50%. That means that if you try to release a bonus of € 5 with Rollover x20 playing at slot machine, You would have to bet the equivalent of € 100, while if you did playing on a Blackjack table you would need to bet 200 €.

Time limits

The bonds are only active for a limited period of time. It usually starts telling since the balance corresponding to the bonus upload to your account in the casino, on calendar days. Many operators use the time limit with a resource to force players to give up the option to release the bonus, so you must verify that the deadlines established in the terms and conditions are realistic.

Cancellations by surprise

When consulting the balance of your account in the casino, you realize that the part corresponding to the bonus - and what you have won with him - has disappeared, why? There are several possible reasons, all of which must appear reflected in the terms and conditions, with a simple, direct and precise language. These are some of the most frequent:

  1. You have transferred the time limit and the bonus has expired.
  2. You have not used the bonus at a certain period after having requested it.
  3. You have requested a retirement of money corresponding to your deposits before fulfilling the Rollover o The time of validity of the bonus.
  4. You have activated another bonus, which replaces the first.
  5. There is already a user with the same home as you who has received this bonus.
  6. The casino reserves the possibility of canceling the bonds at any time.

All these cancellation options must appear contemplated in the terms and conditions of each bonus, and will be the responsibility of the operator to respect them. Of course the confidence of the players is everything for a casino, so it is unlikely that they risk taught a bad reputation if for example they cancel a bonus without any reason. In that case, request information in writing to customer service and use it to file a claim before the General Directorate of Game.

What to keep in mind when claiming a casino bonus?

As with almost all offers and promotions available on the network - and for the real world too, actually -, it is important that you pose certain issues before accepting them. Likewise, the casino bonuses are subject to conditions, of which we have already spoken before. The three main factors in order to opt for a casino bonus are:

  1. Be of age: Minors do not have the right to participate in a casino and neither receive their bonds, of course. In most cases, you have to be 18 or 21 years old to be able to bet legally. In Australia, specifically, the age in order to bet and win in a casino is 18 years old.
  2. Have an account at the casino: Only registered players can opt for an account in the casino. On the other hand, in order to be able to withdraw the funds, the operator will have to check our identity with a vigor identity document, which can be a DNI, a passport or a driver's license.
  3. Make a deposit with real money in the casino: Even if it is a Bonus without deposit, You will not be able to withdraw the funds until you have not bet real money. No one gives anything in this industry -Ni in any other, so, in order to take advantage of the bonus earnings, before you will have to have released money.

Deposit options and casino bonuses

To take advantage of the best casino bonuses available in the industry, you will first have to make a reservoir of real money. Keep in mind that the minimum deposit requiring most casinos to opt for bonds is 10 euros. On the other hand, sometimes there are casinos Online They have special promotions for determined deposit methods - or, on the contrary, banking options that can not opt for the promotions.

As you know, you just have to deposit funds in casinos that have a license and that are regulated by the Australian authorities. Even so, we understand that not all players feel comfortable facilitating your bank data or your credit cards at an establishment of this type, but there are other options:

  • Credit or debit cards, like Visa, Mastercard or Master.
  • Prepaid cards, which you can recharge in cash in different establishments.
  • There are casinos that offer the option of doing revenue in deposit in your physical headquarters.
  • Electronic purses, like Paypal, Skrill the Neteller.
  • Bank transfers, although they are slower than other methods.

The best slots to meet the rollover

Below we propose a list with the best slots to release bonuses. All of them have something in common: they are easy to play, perfect for long game sessions and have an RTP above 95, 96 and up to 97%.

Slots to release bonuses

The basic concepts to earn money with a casino bonus involve saving time and putting all the meat on the grill with games that really become worthwhile and do not have a high level of demand. That is why, among all the casino games, the slots are ideal to release bonuses. In addition, most casinos coincide in accepting slots as a valid game to meet the rollover.

To choose the most suitable you must take into account the combination of two of its characteristics:

1. Volatility Index: Must be high to get great prizes and bass when after winning an award with the bonus what you want is to reach the bet share imposed by the Rollover to be able to release the money from the prize.
2. Percentage of RTP: The higher, the higher the advantage of the casino.

Treasure Island, Quickspin

The slot of Treasure Island, from Quickspin, houses much more than golden chests on its rollers. It has an RTP of 97.06% and average volatility (2.72 / 5), with 40 pay lines and maximum prize of 100 000 credits in a single roll when you select the highest bet limit available.

Treasure's Island is full of extra functions with an X31 Award Expectation Your bet. Includes games with bonus, free rounds rounds and wildcards to make it easier for your treasure search.

Bloodsuckers, Netent

The fans of terror slots surely know this slot of vampiric theme. But, although the garlic and blood do not go with you, you will not be able to deny yourself to try luck with this 25-line slots, 98% RTP and low variability, which is virtually a safe bet. Is perfect to continue betting until reaching the Rollover Without risking you lose money achieved.

Magic Mirror, Merkur

At the opposite end to the previous game is Magic Mirror, perfect when what you want is to get high prizes when starting your bonus liberalization strategy. Its volatility is high and although your 95.94% RTP is not bad, it still gives you something more than four points of advantage to the casino.

However, this slot From 10 lines, with rounds of 10 free runs and games to bend your winnings - maximum rest of € 140 -, it is ideal for great profits. Your careful interface and automatic mode will make you easy to play without tiring.

Choose the best offers of online casinos licensed in Australia

The legal game is safe game. On Slotova We select for you the best casinos Online With license that they offer clean, safe and transparent game. All of them are operated by companies that faithfully fulfill the regulatory framework of the legal game in Australia

The Australian regulation is within the regulation of the European Union and contemplates not only strict computing and secure payment plans, but also avoiding addiction to the game. Casino games are activities for leisure and you must dedicate only the time and money you can afford.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Bonds

How do I get the best casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are available for new players in almost every place. You only need to create and verify an account, and then make a deposit.

Can I earn real money with a casino bonus?

Of course you can. However, it is generally not possible to withdraw the profits by using a casino bonus without first met the bet requirements. For example, if you have won € 100 and the bet requirements were X20, you would need to bet 2000 € before you can remove it.

Should I aspire to the largest possible reservoir casino bonus?

Depends. If you only want the most money as possible to try new or different games, then it could be a good option. However, remember that it is most likely that you can not withdraw your profits without fulfilling the requirements, and the large casino bonuses usually have quite high requirements.

What are the bet requirements of a bonus?

In short, the bet requirements can be summarized as the number of times you have to bet the amount of the bonus before you can remove it. For example, an X20 bet requirement means that you must bet the amount of the X20 bonus to be able to charge it: if your bonus was € 10, you would have to bet 200 € to meet the requirements.

I hate betrefers, what do I do?

You can avoid the bet requirements not accepting a bonus and simply playing with your own money. You can also avoid them by selecting a bonus without requirements that pays real money instead of BONP money. This is a popular option, so we have highlighted the casinos that offer this type of promotions.