Guide to play online bingo

At present, many Australian players think that the Australian market is saturated with all the offer that online casinos and betting houses in our country offer. In the media constantly advertise free bets, new promotions and casino games with the latest available technology. A few years ago users took all these options as a great alternative to the exclusive physical local exclusives that existed in our country dedicated to the game. Even the introduction of mobile applications has been a great tool for players to play from their mobile devices at any time of the day. However, many users are returning to traditional betting games in their digital version since they have simple rules, they are more social and offer great prizes. One of these options is a game that does not go out of fashion in Australia: the online bingo. Surely you have played many popular game many times as a family. But with the revolution of the digital age, now you need to wait for those family nights to have fun with this casino game. The best online casinos of Australia also offer online bingo and according to the Australian players, it is an ideal game to socialize while making money in this random game so simple to learn. In this guide you will know all the information you need to succeed and have fun with this popular casino game.

A little history: traditional tombol vs bingo online

There is evidence of a game of chance similar to the current bingo during the splendor of the Roman Empire. Although more reliable data goes back until five centuries ago with a national lottery called "Giocco del Lotto d`taly". There are also references in France that relate it to "Le Lotto" in the eighteenth century with a game of chance much more similar to that we are accustomed today. In Australia, it is playing legally since 1977, however this casino game was playing in popular fairs and family reunions since many years before.

At present, the legislation of each Autonomous Community regulate this game in each region existing almost 400 physical bingo halls. If you have never been in one of these rooms, its operation is quite simple. First players buy their cartons (usually buy several) and wait for the balls to get out of the hype; which have been previously introduced at the sight of all so that there is greater transparency. As the numbers are being said, they are appearing on a screen following the order in which they were removed. Both the balls and the hype should be approved as specified by the Autonomous Community in which the Bingo Room is located. The most common types of tombol are 90 balls and 75 balls (in a later section we will talk about these versions).

The cartons are 9 × 3 and can only be used in a game, so at the beginning of a new game you have to buy other cards if you want to continue playing. As the numbers appear in the panel, players must go crouching their numbers with the aim of singing line and / or bingo.

In the digital version of this gambling the procedure is almost the same. Obviously the hype and cartons are digital, however prizes can be better, there is the possibility of finding more versions (such as fast bingo), chat is a very entertaining tool, the rooms of the rooms usually offer special prizes, the Price of cartons can be variable depending on the time of day and as you can play with many more players at a time, prizes may be greater in online bingo.

Types of Online Bingo

All bingo versions that we are going to explain follow the rules that we have just mentioned. However, each version may have specific particularities with respect to the number of balls, type of prizes and / or frequency with which each ball is taken.

  • 90 ball bingo: He began playing in the UK and quickly became popular throughout Europe and even Australia. Your Bingo card has 8 columns and 3 rows; In each row there are 5 spaces with numbers and another 4 blank spaces to get 15 numbers in total. Depending on the online casino, to participate in this random game can be purchased between 1 and 25 cartons for each game. This is the most popular online tombola in Australia.
  • 80 ball bingo: Some Australian players prefer this version because it is faster than the previous one. The hype contains 80 balls and on the cardboard 16 numbers that are divided into a 4-column grid for 4 lines appear
  • 75 ball bingo: When the Las Vegas casinos began to be interested in this game of chance, they began to use the 75-ball bingo and since then it has a greater number of followers in the United States; Although it is also possible to find it in the best casinos in Australia. The cardboard is 5 × 5 and in the center a space is left in which a star appears many times.
  • 30-ball bingo: One of the objectives of the players around the world is to play games in which you can get profits quickly. As the bingo games of 90 or 75 balls could be delayed some time until a winner was found, online casinos decided to design a much faster game including fewer balls in the hype. And so the 30-ball rapid bingo was born with 3-line cartons by 3 columns.

Keep in mind that other types can also be found (such as 45 balls) according to the legislation governing the game of chance and interest and market needs in which the online casino is operating.

Also, another option to enjoy this casino game with greater freedom is the videobingo. In this automatic casino game you can find different prices in the cartons and more statistics are offered as the results of the previous items.

Bingo Rules Online

As in the traditional, in this digital version the main objective is to complete all cardboard numbers to achieve the largest prize when singing "bingo". Once chosen the type of game that fits your preferences, you must buy the number of cartons you want (up to the limit that imposes the casino). Remember that in some online casinos the price of cartons may vary depending on the day and / or time. If you want to be more likely to win you can buy several cartons at a time, however keep in mind that you should be very attentive to digitally cribing the numbers that are appearing (or using the "Auto Marked" option). Remember that most bingos also offer prizes for "sing line", so do not forget this possibility. Although your prize is lower, the "line" can also offer you good profits.

Distribution of prizes in bingo

This is one of the questions that many Australian players often do. The distribution of the prizes between the players and the casino itself is usually specified in the terms and conditions of each game. All this information should be available to users on the Casino website, so all you will have to do is review this data.

To make an idea, the percentage of return to the player is usually between 70% and 90%, being normally rapid binos that return the most money to the players. This means that if, for example, users bet 100 euros and the return is 90%, 90 euros will be distributed in prizes and the remaining 10 euros will be the gain of the casino operator. As for the percentage of each prize, they usually sing tombola usually take the highest percentage (between 40% and 50%) and the line (or even a second line) will take the remaining percentage. There are also bingos with progressive pot in which the operator himself is contributing money for the progressive boat and his quantity can be variable.

Advantages of online bingo

So you know if this casino game suits you, remember the following:

  • Simple rules. This game of chance is one of the easiest you can find in online casinos. You probably already know your rules and if not, after a couple of games you will fully understand its operation. In fact, the most important thing you have to do is to be attentive to the numbers to go packed them.
  • Bingo Online Free. If you are not sure if you are going to like this casino game, you can take advantage of the free "Demo" version that offer the best online casinos in Australia.
  • Different versions according to your needs. If you want quick, slow games with large bundles, with progressive boat or even with a second line awards, you just have to choose the version that best suits your needs.
  • Chat with prizes. One of the advantages that most of the Australian players point are the chats. Thanks to this digital tool, users can communicate with each other to make the game more enjoyable and fun. In addition, the moderators of the chats usually offer special prizes to the first user who writes a specific word according to the terms of these special prizes (such as, when some certain numbers come out).
  • "Auto marked" function. And if you think you're going to be too entertaining with the chat, you can activate the "Auto Marked" function that usually include the best online casinos so that the numbers will be tuck automatically and you can talk quietly with other players without forgetting any number.
  • Mobile app. New technologies are put at your service with this useful tool that it is practically used in all legal online casinos. All you have to check before proceeding with your download is to see if it is compatible with your iOS or Android device.
  • Cartons at special price. One of the strategies used by casino operators with bingo is to offer cartons at special price depending on the time and day; There are from 10 cents to 2 euros or more.
  • Different payment methods. A physical bingo room will never offer you all the options related to the payment methods you will find in an online casino: from the typical debit and credit cards, to the most popular electronic purses in Australia.
  • Instant attendance. If you have any problems before, during or after the game, you can get in touch with the Casino Customer Service (live chat, email and / or phone) to solve all your doubts.

Strategies to win online bingo

It is said that bingo is one of the "purest random gaming" that exist since everything depends mainly on luck. For example, if you play in the 90 balls version, as you will have to cross up to 27 numbers, you have a probability between 375 to take the big prize after 63 ballboards have been removed.

Now, if you want to put the science on your side to win in this casino game, you can follow the tips of the mathematician Ganville. This US financial used himself the mathematical knowledge of him to try to predict certain patterns in this gaming. After analyzing an infinity of data, he came to the conclusion that to win in this game the cardboard had to contain: the same amount of low and high numbers; the same number of numbers pairs and odd; And the same number of numbers with all terminations. So if you offer you the option of being able to choose your own numbers, you can follow these tips.

Another strategy is what Tippett offered. This British focused on the 75-ball version and said that the longer this type of bingo will last, more options would have to leave numbers near 38.

Finally, you can also play with several cards at a time (check the maximum allowed by the casino operator) or try to play in games with few players, since the less competition you have, the more chance of profit you will have (although also the prizes They will be less).

Promotions in Bingo Online

As this game of chance brings together thousands of Spaniards every day in front of the casino drivers to try their luck, the different online casinos with bingo offer different promotions to capture and fiddle new players. The welcome bonuses are very practical as they give money according to the amount of the first deposit. Another option are the bonds without deposit that offer money only by registering; Or friend's bonuses in which a registered player gets free money if another person is registered using the personal link of him. Remember that all these online bingo promotions are subject to specific terms and conditions and that you also have the option of the free "demo" version.

Only Legal Online Casinos

Bingo is a game of chance and as such is regulated by the general management of the game. This means that if you want your bingo games safe and reliable, you only need to make use of the web pages that appear in the list of the DGOJ. In this way you will make sure that all your online bets are legal, avoid fraud and all your personal information and transactions will be protected with high-end end-to-end encryption systems.