Do you want to know how to play Caribbean Stud Poker

Who does not like a game of cards? This classic casinos He has captivating betting since time immemorial. To maintain interest, of course, with the passage of time different variants of the most classic games have emerged naturally. One of them is Caribbean Stud Póker.

As you may have imagined, the Caribbean Stud Póker is a game based on poker. In this game, unlike in traditional poker, players do not compete with each other, but they do it against banking or croupier.

This variant arose, as is the case of others - the Pai Gow Póker, for example - in the eighties. What happened at that time? Simply that traditional poker was living a golden age and alternative variants of this were created. It is not known exactly how and where he was born, and either who invented it concretely. David Slansky - Possibly sounds his name if you take time in this betting - he claims to have been he who invented him in 1982, but this version is not entirely confirmed. What is certain is that its current name, Caribbean Stud, is because it is especially popular on Aruba's Caribbean island, where numerous tourists come every year solely to enjoy this game in their "natural" surroundings.

How is it played?

Current standards are slightly different from those of the original version. In today's version it is possible to bet to win a boat of money, which in the original variant did not exist. But, let's go to the grain, how is it played?

In this game, bets are made before the Crupier distributes the playing cards. Once the bets are made, the Crupier distributes five cards to each player and five more for the bench. One of the five cards is placed on the table so that everyone else can see it.

For the croupier to even participate, in his hand there must be an AS, a king or a higher letter. At the beginning of the game, the table players can decide if they want or not to continue depending on the bank chart of banking. The objective of the game, of course, is "guess" if our hand will be higher than that of the croupier or not.

As the game progresses, the player can double his bet, keep playing or simply abandoning the game if he thinks he does not have good possibilities. In case the player's hand is superior to that of the croupier, who pays the bet will be banking. When the hand of the croupier is stronger, it is the player who loses his bet. When there is a tie, the player's initial bet is paid.

How to win at the Caribbean Stud Poker?

As it happens All casino games, in this type of poker there are also no infallible strategies that are going to ensure the victory. It is a game that depends to a good extent from chance, so there is nothing that you can change. Of course, at the end you are the person who decides what to do with your cards, so you have enough room for improvement over chance.

Our advice, in short, are the following:

  • Leave when you do not have a couple in your hand. It is not worth it, because you have a very likelihood of losing.
  • In case you do not have typical winning combinations, but you do have some high value letter in your hand, such as an ace or a king, keep in mind the rest of your cards and complain with the charter of the bench that you can watch. Are they superiors? If they are superior, you can continue playing and risk. Are they lower? It may be retiring in time a good idea.

Progressive boat

You already play at a traditional casino or in an online casino, the additional bet is always available in the Caribbean Stud Póker to opt for progressive boat or jackpot. As you will imagine, this progressive pot gives you the possibility to take you a good pinch of money, but only its real staircase. The fact that the boats are progressive implies that all valid bets made by the table players will add money and come together in this pot, it is not bad!

What are the traditional poker and the CARIBBEAN STUD are similar and how do you differentiate?

As you know, this game is a variant of traditional poker, so it is to assume that they have a lot in common. But they also have differences!

On the one hand, the value of the cards and the deck with which it is played are exactly the same, so it will be familiar if you have never played. At the beginning of the game in both you have to make a decision, just after receiving the playing cards. This decision will mark the rest of the departure in a determining way, so it is important to meditate well.

On the other hand, in traditional poker we face the rest of the table players, while in the Caribbean Stud we only face the bench. From the fact that the bet has been made, both games begin to become different: while in poker the bets continue after the initial moment, in the Caribbean Stud we can only change the development of the game at the time we have been distributed Letters and make a decision.

As you see, if you like poker it is likely that you are also going to enjoy the Caribbean Stud Póker. In many casinos you can try it for free, so why not give it a chance?