Scraping cards and online scraping games.

Ready to start scratch prizes!

Scratch cards were born a few years ago as part of the Instant Lottery Games. They consisted of a cardboard card with the covered boxes: to play a certain number of boxes had to be discovered, and if you got several equal symbols!

They could be purchased on waters, kiosks, retailers, supermarkets, to sellers on the street ... they were fun to play, they were very affordable and also it was not necessary to adapt to the dates of a raffle: when you earned, you knew it immediately. That's why they became so popular.

Advantages of online scratch cards

Almost everyone knows how a cardboard scraca works. Well, in the online version the thing does not change much. The operation of current online scracs is still basically the same as with all-life cards. The only difference is that now, instead of using a coin to lift the purpurin that covers the symbols, it is enough to select them to discover the winning combination.

You will no longer have to look for an authorized seller, nor worry about where to exchange the prize if you get a high amount. He finished having to give up your scratch if one day you do not carry a loose money. Now you can play from your favorite online casino account whenever you want and without leaving home.

Types of Rascas Online

Scrapers sets are very similar to the original scratch cards. They reproduce their format, although it is true that they have many more possibilities regarding their graphics, they often include simple animations.

They are made so that playing is easy for everyone. It is not necessary to have proven before to know how they go, and you do not run the risk of scratching, because the ticket itself will mark you the end of the game after choosing the number of boxes required.

The basic structure of each scraping depends a little on the design chosen by each provider, but in general all share the same characteristics:

  1. Select the amount you want to pay for ticket (another advantage over traditional scratching cards, fixed price)
  2. Choose the number of tickets you want to buy: Some operators have special prices if group purchases.
  3. To play, check the boxes you want to lift. Simply "scrape" using the mouse over each of the symbols you want to expose.
  4. The prizes are checked alone and are delivered immediately, going up your balance in the casino.

How do scratching cards work online?

Although with the online scrapers the theme of each ticket can be very different (from exotic beaches to creative pastry), all scratch games have a very similar structure. And do not forget that the goal is still the same as always: revealing symbols and getting a winning combination or even direct prizes.

The normal thing is that you take a prize from 3 equal symbols, but you can also get prizes by completing a figure, take direct rewards, or multipliers applicable to the award you have achieved.

In any case, do not worry, because this game is designed so that we can all have fun with him and the instructions are not necessary to read. What is recommended is to be informed regarding the general conditions, where you explain the issues related to how to charge your prizes, especially when you use a bonus to play.

Often the prize is expressed as a multiple of the amount bet, hence when you buy the ticket you dedicate a moment to decide how much you want to pay for it. If for example you pay € 1 for your ticket, and the prize that touches you when scraping is a multiplier X20, you have managed to take you € 20. If in this case you would have uploaded the range up to € 5 per ticket you would have been born 100 €.

Other advantages of scratches in the digital age

We have already mentioned the main characteristics of the scratch cards over the Internet, but the truth is that playing online has other added advantages. The first one is that scrapers are just one of the many game options to access from your account in the casino.

When you decide to buy batches of tickets, scratching them one by one can be a bit tedious. But with the scraping cards online there is always a button to press and reveal the result at one time. So playing is simpler and also much more exciting.

Are there strategies for scratching cards?

Online scraping cartons are lucky games, not skill, so we regret tell you that it is not possible to develop any strategy that ensures you earnings.

They are classified as gambling, exactly like slots or any other casino game that works with RNG-based software (Random Number Generator). That means that the combinations of the scrapers are generated randomly, and are impossible to predict or modify: neither by the casino nor by the players.

To know if the casino or online room where you play has trusted scratches, you only need to check that the operator (the name of the web) appears in the list of the DGOJ. You will find it by only introducing your name into the public search engine of this government institution. It's easy and simple, so do not stay with the doubt and enjoy your scrapers online!