French Roulette.

Many people know Roulette and its two main varieties. European roulette, which is characterized by having 37 boxes, and to the American roulette, which is characterized by having 38 because of its peculiar '00'. But there is a third option that, despite its name, is not characterized only to be Roulettes Of that country, but has its own rules that benefit the player.

How French Roulette works

French roulette has many things in common with European roulette, leading many people to consider them the same game with different standards. It is not completely. Although in many traditional casinos, French roulette is played with a European roulette and concrete rules, in online casinos it presents them as differentiated games.

The first difference is on the board on which it is played. Both European and American have the same board, with the '00' for the American version. While, the external bets are on both sides. Likewise, in French roulette the chips are of value, while in American and European roulette they are colored. Another difference is that French roulette has some very beneficial rules for the player, as Sharing O In Prison.

Betting can be larger than in the other two versions of the game. You can bet on 12 numbers with the possibility of obtaining 2: 1 for each bet or betting red, black, pairs or odd receiving the bet made. These are external bets, while internal bets on French roulette are minor. In French roulette, in addition, there is the 'jeu 0' (game to zero), which means that we can bet on 0 and close numbers.

In Prison Y Sharing, Special rules

As we have said, online casinos offer the French Roulette version with the features we have described. But to make it genuinely French, you must have two standards more than, sometimes, they are also given.

One of the most widespread is In Prison. When this rule is valid, you can consider you a very lucky player since this rule does not benefit from the casino. To get it to apply, you must take a long time.

Rule In Prison, it puts 'in jail' to the '0' box. If the ball falls on that box, you will not earn anything, but you will not lose, putting the imprisonment '. In the next hand, if you win, the previous bet is returned, more whatever you engage in the current commitment. But if you lose, you will also lose the previous bet. Ah! And if it fell back into the 'zero', the bet is still in prison until you earn or lose.

The other particular rule of French roulette is Sharing. When this standard is valid, if the ball falls into the '0', the player only loses half of his bet.

How to win?

As in the other two varieties of roulette, the French version is also a game of chance and mathematical probabilities.


The Martingala method is based on betting bending the previous bet every time we lose. The probability tells us that at some point we will win and, at that moment, we will recover the losses. But this system has some disadvantages, one of them is that we must have sufficient funds for conveniences comfortably.

Metodo Labouchère

It is a variety of Martingala method based on which the player chooses the numbers to play before starting and bets are performed at the resulting number of the furthest from the list.

H3 - Métoodo the Alembert

If the bet marting it the bet is bent every time we lose, in this method only increases in a unit (€ 1 or $ 1).

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