Volatility in slots

Unlike RTP, the variance or volatility of a game is not a number in the form of a number and is not easy to find, although it can be deducted from several indications.

With everything, if you like Inform you about the slots To those who play, you may hear mentioned the variance index of a game. Here we explain what volatility consists of and how you can use it in your favor.

What is volatility and why is it important

Variance and volatility are two statistical terms that are used indistinctly to refer to the average between prizes and runs. In general terms, variance is a present feature in All slots, which serves as indicative of the level of risk of any game of chance. Can help you very much at the time of Choose your favorite slot.

Volatility is important because it is essential when it comes to understanding the type of dynamics of a slot: it determines the interaction between the two temporary factors that constitute the personality of any game, that is, the times as betting and sometimes you get award.

So that you have it clear from the beginning, it is enough that you know that more volatility, the more abrupt the relationship between these two elements, increasing the amounts of prize and also the number of rolls needed to see Arrive the rewards.

Volatility is expressed on a scale of levels, depending on the correlation between the size and regularity of payments of each slot. You can find you with games categorized in one of these three groups, as they have large and irregular or small and very close payments.

A simple example to understand the volatility of the slot

The volatility rate of a slot can be noticed intuitively as part of the dynamics that characterizes a game, because after all it does not stop being part of the rhythm that is established between bets and rewards.

However, as a statistical concept it can be a bit overwhelming. An example used frequently to understand what it consists of, is that of coin bets (2 faces) and with dice (6 faces):

Betting on a coin to face or cross (2 possibilities or 50% of prize options), the rules are that if you take you out, you lose € 1, and if you take Cross desire € 3. The average average will be € 1 per run.

Betting with a die (6 possibilities or 16.6% of prize options), the rules are that if you take 1,2,3,4 or 5 lose € 1, and if you take 6 yarn € 11. The average will be equally € 1 gain per run.

Although the average prize per run (what in the slots is known as RTP) is the same in the two games, the chances of losing several times in a row if you play with the die are more than if you play with the currency. Although the RTP is maintained in the two games, the variance changes: the volatility of the coin is low and that of the die is high.

Your Theoretical expectations of the award They are the same in both games, but they are fulfilled before playing with the coin. That's why if you register after several runs with the dice without getting a prize, the final result will be more unfavorable for you, but if you hold enough time, you will end up reaching the same probabilities as when playing with the currency.

Ranges in the volatility of a slot

Not everything in us responds to the cold logic: the factors that influence that a game like more or less are many. Normally we tend to give it great importance to the subject, and to characteristics like the Free spins or the number of wildcards.

Well, what gives rhythm to a slot and also how exciting it can come, it is nothing but volatility: That's why it's so important to know how our way of playing is like before choosing a slot to bet with money real. These are the three levels (with their intermediates) with which most slots are categorized:

  1. Slots with high volatility

    They are only suitable for hearts in good shape, because they give considerably higher prizes than the rest of titles, but they arrive at least and are quite spaced in time.
    You need unlimited funds to prolong the session what is necessary until you see the prizes, which will undoubtedly be begun. That is why they are considered the opposite face to low variance machines in all directions, including their RTP, which can be between 92 and 94% RTP.

  2. Average volatility

    They are in an intermediate place because their prizes are not very high, but frequently enough so that you do not lose interest. They have rather acceptable RTP percentages, including between 95 and 96%.
    They combine the best of the two types of extremes: on the one hand they have the relatively low risk of low volatility games, but at the same time their potential to achieve prizes is closer to high-volatility slots.

  3. Low volatility

    Group to videosLots, classic and 3D slots that are characterized by low short-term risk and consequently are those that pay small amounts every few runs. To make an idea, the lowest variance come to deliver award every two or three runs.
    As for the RTP, almost all these games are placed above 96.5% and can even exceed 98% in some tenths. They turn out the perfect Slot type for those players who do not like to wait to see results.

How can I know the volatility of a game

Volatility is unalterable, which means that your way of playing rarely can affect it. Nor can you predict it safely because it is not easy to determine, but you can get an idea of your level by observing the balance between the pay table and the bonuses that appear in the credits.

When the highest values are concentrated in the main prizes or the bonus functions that are activated only at counted occasions, then you are facing a design with high volatility. A trick: most slots with progressive jackpot are encompassed in this category.

To be safer than the level of volatility of the game, you can submit it to a simple test. In the payment table, it evaluates the ranges of prizes that are delivered with different winning combinations, following these steps:

  1. Look how much you can win by Giro, if you take 3 equal symbols on a payment line.
  2. Compare it with the amount you can win if you take 4 symbols.
  3. Finally, compare the two previous amounts with what you would obtain if 5 symbols were. When the result is that there is a large jump between the three previous quantities, it is most likely that the game is highly volatility.

If, on the contrary, when investigating Slot credits you are with relatively low main payments and a lot of options to achieve prizes for small quantities, surely you are facing low volatility slot. These are some of the indications that give a design with low volatility:

  1. Surely the machine will allow you to collect several winning combinations in the same turn.
  2. Feel that the highest prize of the game is a maximum of x200 your bet.
  3. If the RTP is above 96%, you can be practically safe.

Are the slots with high volatility are worth?

There is a general trend to confuse volatility and RTP, and although both almost always go by hand and keep a narrow relationship, they do not have a direct correlation. Therefore, if you have not done it yet, we encourage you to take a look at our article that explains what is the theoretical return to the player or RTP.

Abbreviation, although there are no strict rules in this regard, the relationship that is usually established between RTP and volatility is as follows: Games with a higher volatility have a lower RTP (or a greater advantage for the house, depending on the point of view What do you prefer to adopt)?

Think that the normal thing is that when people play for a while without winning anything, they get tired and abandoned. If we calculate the RTP derived from this type of items it would surely be desolately low, hence the credits of the games always indicate the maximum percentage of RTP that can be expected after a long game.

Obviously, choosing a machine that combines a low RTP and a high volatility has its drawbacks, but also a clear advantage: although you probably spend a lot of time without getting profits, if you resist long enough when you do the chances of the prize They will be greater. Surely the usual players of fruit slots of lifelongers know what we refer.

Slots with high volatility work storing balance for longer before issuing a payment, and require greater investment (in balance and patience) by the player. The question is that it is impossible to know when that payment will be issued, the software color It takes care of it: The only thing you can do is continue betting to try to recover your investment.

Why the slots triumph with low volatility

Paradoxically, they are the slots with a lower volatility those that leave higher benefits in the casinos. It is true that in most of them the RTP is higher, and therefore the advantage of the minor house.

But even so, as they are the type of slot preferred by most players, they are also the ones that best receive and consequently the best box leave the operators at the end of the day. By discounted that they deliver prizes, but it can be said of them that they are literally a money raising machine.

Just as it happened with high-volatility slots, again the functioning of Slots software with low variance is the cause of the type of prizes they deliver. On this occasion it consists of promoting prizes when they only have a few runs accumulated: hence the prizes are usually low but they go much more often and therefore do not have to do more than a couple of runs to collect a prize.

The success of this type of machines is that they are much more attractive for players, because they provide you with a feeling of victory almost since the game begins. To this is added that their designs are very attractive, and although some of them may seem loaded with extras, in general the slots with a low variance are created so that anyone can handle them without needing previous experience.

What volatility rate suits you as a player?

When you want to check if a game is right for you before risking you betting real money, it is best to give you an opportunity in our catalog of slots to play for free.

But in any case, this is what you should value to measure the degree of compatibility between the variance of a game and your way of playing: First of all, work if you play with an adaptive budget, without limit of funds or with a closed amount.

The following to assess is your own character, because nobody better than you know what you like. Rate if while you play you are patient and tenacious or you only look for a long time and see upload the counter as many times better.

And to finish, the third thing to take into account is your level of appetite for risk. Because although we are able to analyze the figures coldly, after all, the essence of gambling is only at risk: and volatility affects you directly.

Why choose games with low volatility

In terms of profitability, it may seem contradictory, but slots with low volatility are also a recommended option for those who only seek to relax, play a few rolls and enjoy a few victories in a short time.

It is true that if you decide to play in this way you will not get the best possible performance, but not all players raise sessions as a challenge. So starting with the favorites of most, games with low volatility are the best when given some of the following circumstances:

  1. Just play to entertain you for a while, you have a limited balance and you do not want to invest a lot of time or money to see a reward arrive.
  2. You live the moment and you are not one of those who go crazy chasing great prizes.
  3. You really like the theme of the title you have chosen, you enjoy watching all the screens and you would not mind lengthen the game session to give time to all the extra functions and mini games with bonus become activated.

When to choose slots with average volatility

If you are one of those who think that virtue is in the middle, you should opt for machines with average variance. It will not be difficult for you to find them, because they constitute the most widespread rate in All online casinos. You will know that they are adequate when:

  1. You do not like to waste, but you do not have to adjust to a closed budget either.
  2. You need to feel that the prizes are worthwhile, because you do not settle for anything.
  3. You like surprises and you want to avoid coming to the point of obsessing you for getting a prize.

Give the slot for a chance with high volatility

We have left for the end to high variance slots because they are definitely not for all audiences. Download them without lookouts, unless:

  1. You consider yourself a great bettor: you like the risk, you can bet a lot and you do not mind suffering a bit to see results.
  2. They are only interested in the big prizes.
  3. You have enough patience to persevere even if it seems that the prize is resisting to arrive.