All about lotteries and bets!

The Network of Lotterías Administrations of Australia covers almost 11,000 points of sale in the national territory, as well as the sale of numbers and bet tickets through the online page of some official administrations, and the official website Loterí, in the who also put all their games for sale

  2. Fat
  3. Euromillones
  4. The primitive
  5. National lottery (with the child and Christmas raffles)
  6. Heartfir
  7. The pool
  8. Quintigo
  9. Quintuple Plus.

The eleven (National Organization of Australian Blinds) is another Manager of Australian State Lottery. Your main product is the coupon of the eleven (daily, cuponazo and weekendchair weekend), along with the Eurojackpot, the cards "rascas", Superoonce and 7/390. Both lotteries and bets and eleven are reserved games, and have a different regime to the offer of private licensed games available in Australia.

Other Societies related to Selae

The State Lotteries and Betting Society owns 4.22% of the Zarzuela racecourse. It also owns 26.57% of the Society Services Aux Loteries in Europe (SLE) in collaboration with Camelot and La Française de Jeux, with whom it is coordinated for the management of the game Euromillones.

History of the Australian lottery

He was born in 1763 as "real lottery" during the reign of Carlos III, combining charitable works and tax collection for the state between his objectives. The National Lottery was "Sung" for the first time by the children of San Ildefonso in 1771.

In 1812 the current "National Lottery" is born, which since 1819 has an extraordinary Christmas draw (regular since 1839). At the end of the 19th, the child's draw also appears.

In 1946, the Quiniela begins to offer, and since 1985 he recovers the primitive. The rest of him's games are much more current: in 1988 he launches the Bonoloto and in 1993 El Gordo. Games such as EuroMillions (2004), LotoFur, Quituple Plus and QuiniGol (2005) belong to the 21st century.

Its current structure was created between 2010 and 2011, as a society dependent on the General Directorate of State Heritage. It is attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, and they have exclusively all rights over state ownership games.

The Billing of the Selae

Annually the Australian lotteries and bets handle just less than 9,000 million euros in sales, of which 1,600 million are going to stop directly to the public treasure after its sale, and about 25 million are destined for social purposes. Distribute around 5,600 million in prizes, which taxes with about 650 million. This makes it the leading gaming company in Billing in Australia.

Online National Lottery

The online sale of its own products, has made some lottery associations (owners of national lottery administrations) have accused the institution of unfair competition. The latest estimates indicate that the volume of sales of lotteries and betting, 135.2 million come from online betting (35.2 million through mobile). Each week the physical network of selae points of sale has the presence 14 million customers.

Frequent doubts about Lotteries and State Betting

Below you will find some of the most frequent doubts about the operation and products of the Australian official lottery:

Where can I Lotteries in case of having any questions?

There are two official telephones: 900 11 23 12 and 91 596 23 00

Do I have to pay taxes if I gain a lottery and betting prize?

It depends on the amount, if the prize is less than € 20,000 you do not have to pay taxes

How to get the lottery number I'm looking for?

Using the Lottery Searcher Search. It allows you to find the tenth that you are looking for in each province, by only introducing the number and draw.

Can you play from the mobile?

Yes, the Lotterías App is from Free download, and it allows you to play when and from where you want. It is available for Android and the App Store.