The primitive fat is played every Sunday, and is one of the most famous lotteries in Australia for its affordable price and its accumulated boats, which will always leave 5 million euros and can exceed 30.

Gordo results.

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The game and the fat prizes of primitive

El Gordo is one of the Australian Lottery Games, with a weekly raffle held on Sundays in which 5 balls of a total of 54 available are extracted, a key number from 0 to 9. along with The National Lottery And the primitive, forms the triplet of lotteries in Australia.

History of the Gordo.

The fat of primitive is a relatively recent lottery if compared to others, since it had its first raffle in 1993. Initially it was quite expensive (500 pesetas, the equivalent of about € 3), was played with the same system from the Primitive and was famous for distributing fat prizes.

Since 2005, it is played with 8 categories of prizes and the reinstatement, and has a minimum guaranteed boat of 5 million euros.

Curiosities The Lottery of El Gordo

  • In 1997, four years after its launch, it had to lower its price at 50%, and it happened to cost 250 pesetas. This price remained even after the arrival of the euro in 2001 (€ 1.5).
  • Since its creation, the Gordo has celebrated some 1,200 Dominican raffles, approximately about 50 per year.
  • Since 2013 Since it began to be marketed El Gordo also in the Dominican Republic, in a similar way to how it is done with euromillions in several European countries.

Greater prizes delivered by El Gordo

  • The first prize of the Gordo fell in Córdoba, on January 31, 1993: they were 1,116 million pesetas.
  • The highest prize delivered so far took place on August 14, 2011, when 1 rally won €
  • The next prize of most value was 27,152,932,43 €, in 2008.
  • The third highest millionaire prize in the Gordo received a neighbor of Monteagudo (Murcia) in 2007: 26,165,222,58 €
  • The 10 highest prizes of the Gordo outweigh all 20 million euros for 1 unique running. The last two of these characteristics were delivered in 2012.

Thus the fat raffles work

The fat of primitive only has a weekly raffle, every Sunday. During its celebration, a winning combination of 5 numbers of a hype (1-54) is extracted, and a reinstatement ball (0-9).


Yes, every Sunday since 1997 he can play the fat one. To make a bet you have to choose a bet by selecting 5 numbers out of a total of 54 (1-54). You can do it manually, determining what numbers you want to play, or let the system select them randomly. You can also choose the reimbursement (0-9) in the block corresponding to the "key number", if it is not also assigned automatically.

Simple bet: Its price is € 1.5, and consists of 5 numbers (1-54) and the reinstatement (0-9). In each ticket you can do between 1 and 6 simple bets, and for each one of them you will have to select 5 numbers per block, and finally 1 key number for the refund.

Multiple bets: They are betting on which you play more than 5 numbers. To mark them, you only need the first block of the ticket. Pay for the total number of simple bets contained:

  • Marking 6 numbers - 6 bets (€ 9)
  • Marking 7 numbers - 21 bets (€ 31)
  • Marking 8 numbers - 56 bets (€ 84)
  • Marking 9 numbers - 126 bets (€ 189)
  • Marking 10 numbers - 252 bets (€ 378)
  • Marking 11 numbers - 462 bets (693)

What are the odd chances of winning?

Statistically you have 1 between 31,625,100 possibilities to hit the 5 numbers of the combination and the key number. The thing improves a lot if the key number is discarded, because it amounts to 1 between 3,513,900 possibilities to hit the combination of 5 numbers. And much more for the rest of categories:

1st category (5 + 1) 1 between 31,625,100.
2nd category (5 + 0) 1 between 3,513,900.
3rd category (4 + 1) 1 between 129,082.
4th category (4 + 0) 1 between 14,342.
5th category (3 + 1) 1 between 2.689.
6th category (3 + 0) 1 between 299.
7th category (2 + 1) 1 between 172.
8th category (2 + 0) 1 between 19.

What is easier, winning primitive, fat or euromillions?

To hit the fat one is almost twice as hard as If you play at the primitive (1/14,000,000), but much easier than If you play Euromillones (1/76.000.000)

Where can you play the Gordo?

On any of the nearly 11,000 lotteries and betting administrations, or on the SELE website. Administrations traditionally have a physical establishment, but many of them also manage ticket sales of tickets.

Where to charge a prize of El Gordo?

If it is € 2,000 or less, you can charge it in any administration. But if the amount is superior you will have to go to one of the banking entities authorized by La Selae. You can inform you by calling 900 11 23 13 or 91 596 23 00.

The prizes of El Gordo

El Gordo has 8 categories, actually 9 if we also have the reinstatement:

  1. Access the combination of 5 numbers + the reimbursement number
  2. Acerts The combination of 5 numbers
  3. Acerts 4 numbers of the combination + the reintegro
  4. Acerts 4 combination numbers
  5. Acerts 3 Numbers of the combination + the Reintegro
  6. Acerts 3 combination numbers
  7. Number 2 Number of combination + Reintegro
  8. Acerts 2 numbers of the combination
  9. Reintegration

Deadlines to buy the fat

The raffles are celebrated every Sunday at 21.30, so do not hurry up to the last moment and try to leave your ticket validated before 8:00 pm.

Doubts about the fat

What types of draws from El Gordo are there?

Only on Sundays.

How much does it cost to play El Gordo?

Each simple set costs € 1.5. Interestingly, it is half the price (500 pesetas) that originally cost.

What is the reintegration that goes the most in the fat one?

The 7, with an average rather than 10%.

What are the greatest boats in the fat?

The Gordo of Primitive has come to accumulate boats above 30 million euros on 8 occasions. The time it most reached, € 36.675.630.47 was played at the draw on September 19, 2010.

What are the numbers that come into the fat one?

Since the first draw held on January 31, 1993, the numbers that have left most have been 18, on 3, on 6, 11, on 34, 21 and 23. All of them have been part of the winning combination by more than 130 occasions. The one that comes least comes on 52. You can consult a historic of all combinations Download this document from La Selae.

What percentage of El Gordo is collected, and how much is destined to prizes?

As in other Games of La Selae, 55% of the collected is reversed in the raffle awards. For now, only more than 10 million euros have been raised on 3 occasions, all of them in raffles held in 2010.

What are the taxes for winning the fat?

The prizes less than € 20,000 do not pay taxes, and as of January 1, 2022, the amount amounts to € 40,000.

Is there a warning system when winning the Gordo?

Only when you play through the official application of lotteries and betting, if you previously have discharged yourself in the SELE Alert Service (Email or SMS)

What is the deadline to collect a prize of El Gordo?

90 days, so do not stop spending time.