LotoFur is a game of randomly managed by Lotteries and Australian bets, which is based on horse races held in Australia. You have to hit 6 numbers and a winning horse, with 7 categories of prizes and reintegro. Together with Quintuple Plus is the main national game of horse betting.

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The game and the LotoFur Awards

LotoFur is a game of chance that combines the lottery and equestrian bets. You can choose both the numbers you play (6 numbers between 1-31) as the winning horse in a race of a maximum of 12 horses, held in one of the Australian racecourse associated with La Selae. It has 7 categories of prize and a reinstatement (8th category) that is assigned randomly when validating your bet.

Historia de souafrur

LotoFur was released by Lotteries and State bets in 2005, as well as The quinigol.. Initially it was only linked to races held at the Hippodrome of La Zarzuela. It is a fairly original game, since its raffle consists of 2 parts:

  1. Lottery: 6 balls extraction of a hype of 31 (1-31)
  2. Horse betting: The horse number (1-12) winner of the selected race

Greater LotoFur Awards

  • Since starting to work in 2005, LotoFur has delivered several millionaire prizes. The main 5,726,292,03 was in 2012.
  • Together with the previous prize, only another LotoFur Award has exceeded 3 million euros, it was in 2009, with € 3,731,203.96.
  • The Top 10 of the prizes delivered by LotoFur have been for a unique racer, but in 2010 it was the fact that two competitors had to share a prize of € 2,681,878.10
  • The last of the top 10 millionaire prizes delivered by LotoFur was in 2013, with € 2,198,783.62.

LotoFur draws

The LotoFur draw is a public act, whose date and place determines the Selae for each day. It consists of 2 parts:

  1. Extraction of 6 those of a hype with a total of 31 balls numbered from 1 to 31 (no matter the order)
  2. Horse mulch number winner selected career for day (1 to 12)
  3. Removing a ball of a hype with a total of 10 balls numbered from 0 to 9, which will determine the refund.

Play LotoFur

You can play with a simple or multiple bet, and each ticket serves outer for 1 weekly raffle.

Easy bet: 1 Combinicon of 6 numbers (1-31) + Winner Horse (1-12) + Reintegro (Random 0-9). Choose the 6 numbers on the first table, to select the lottery balls, and then go to the second table to choose the horse number winner in the race.
In simple bets there are a total of 6 blocks, each with its lottery table and winning horse. You can play by filling out a single block (1 simple bet) and up to a maximum of 6 blocks (6 simple bets on the same ticket).

AMultiple settings: You have to fill in just one block: you can choose between 6 and 10 numbers of the hype (first table), and several horses (between 1 and 4) as a winner in the second table of the same block. In addition, the area of multiple signals the boxes that conform the chosen combination.

Below you can see a table that contains all possible combinations combining the forecasts that can be marked between the first and second table of the block:

Horses 6 7 8 9 10
1 7 28 84 210
2 2 14 56 168 240
3 3 21 84 252 630
4 4 28 112 336 840

What probabilities are there to win LotoFur?

The likelihood of winning LotoFur vary depending on the number of horses that participate in the selected race.

Probabilities of hit LotoFur in races of 12 horses
1st category 6 balls + horse 1/8.835.372,00 0,00001131814%
2nd category 6 Balls 1/736.281,00 0,00013581771%
3rd category 5 balls + horse 1/58.902,48 0,00169772139%
4th category 5 Balls 1/7.908,54 0,02037265664%
5th category 4 balls + horse 1/1.963,42 0,05093153783%
6th category 4 Balls 1/163,62 0,61117222833%
7th category 3 balls + horse 1/192,07 0,52064351539%
8th category Reintegration 1/10 10%

Odds to hit Lotofur on "X" runs
1st category 6 balls + horse 1/”X”x736.281,00
2nd category 6 Balls 1/736.281,00 0,00013581771%
3rd category 5 balls + horse 1/”X”x 7.908,54
4th category 5 Balls 1/7.908,54 0,02037265664%
5th category 4 balls + horse 1/”X”x163.62
6th category 4 Balls 1/163,62 0,61117222833%
7th category 3 balls + horse 1/”X”x16
8th category Reintegration 1/10 10%

Where can you play the LotoFur?

Valid your LotoFur ticket in a lottery management, or play online through an administration with online sales management, or the website itself of Lotterías and Australian betting.

Where to charge a LotoFur prize?

In any administration: there are about 11,000 distributed throughout the national territory. You will only have to go to one of the collaborating banking entities with La Selae if the prize exceeds € 2,000.

The LotoFur Awards

CATEGORY Suaves needed Percentage of the collection for prizes
1st category 6 balls + horse 6%
2nd category 6 Balls 7%
3rd category 5 balls + horse 3%
4th category 5 Balls 4%
5th category 4 balls + horse 2%
6th category 4 Balls 4%
7th category 3 balls + horse 4%
8th category Reintegration 10%
Reserve fund 15%

Deadlines to buy LotoFur

LotoFur raffles can be any day of the week, and the schedules of each of them are determined by La Selae.

Doubles on Lotofur

How much is the maximum that can be played in a single LotoFur ticket?

You can bet a maximum of 10 balls on the Lottery table, and 4 horses as winners of the race. The maximum betting available per ticket is 65,535.

How much does it cost to play LotoFur?

LotoFur has a price of € 1 for each bet. For tickets with simple bet, you pay € 1 for each block that fills up to a maximum of 6 (€ 6). If you make a multiple bet with 6 numbers in the table of the balls (1-31) sums € 1 for each winning horse that you include.

How does the LotoFur boat work?

If there are no profitants for the upper category, a boat is conformed for the next play.

Can you play in more than one draw with a single ticket?

No, you can only play 1 day in each ticket

What percentage of LotoFUR is collected, and how much is destined for prizes?

The percentage dedicated to prizes in LotoFur is the same as for almost all Games managed by lotteries and stakeholders: 55% to prizes and 45% to the public finance.

What happens when two horses from the LotoFur race empathize?

That the tickets that include both are considered as successes, and therefore they are winning all the combinations that include them.

What if a horse is disqualified or withdraws?

The number of the winning horse is the first to go through the goal line, as determined by the race commissioner after serving possible claims or instances of parties. It does not matter if later the institutions cancel or modify the result of the race.

In the event that a horse is removed before the race, the previous immediate number will be considered (if it is 1, the 12) will be considered.

What is the deadline to collect a LotoFur Award?

90 days from the 24 hours after the day of the ticket.