The quinigol.

QuiniGol is a sports betting game of the Australian lottery, in which you predict the result of 6 football matches indicating how many goals you mark each team. It is played with accumulated boats for all categories, and you get award from 2 accurate successful results.

Quinigol results

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The game and the awards of the quinigol

QuiniGol is a sports betting game for soccer matches managed by Lotteries and Betting of Australia. It is very similar to quiniela in its origins. The difference between the quinigol and the quiniela is that in the second enough to hit the final result of the matches, while in the quinilect the number of goals of the marker must be successful.

History of quinigol.

QuiniGol appeared with its current format in 2005, and has not changed since then. It is about forecasting the result of 6 games per day, indicating how many goals will mark each of the 12 teams. Get prize to be successful the exact result of at least 2 of the 6 selected parties (5th category), and the categories accumulate boats when they do not produce sounds in a day.

Curiosities and greater quinigol prizes

The biggest prize managed by the quinigole amounted to 591,044 €, in 2014. In 2011 another rally came to win € 539.448. The rest of the highest prizes given by the quinigol have not come to overcome half a million euros.

The most repeated result between the 16 possible to select for each match, is 1-0, followed closely by 1-1.

The raffles of quinigol

Quinigol does not have a schedule or schedule set: La Selae establishes quinigol schedules for each season, with days that are usually celebrated Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. The schedules depend on when the 6 games selected for each day are played.

Playing quinigol.

The quinigole is a bet game SEN that predicted the result of 6 soccer matches, indicating how many goals, each team: 0, 1, 2, M (for 3 goals or more). In total you can choose between 16 possible results (0-0, 1-0, 2-0, M-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, M-1, 0-2, 1-2, 2 -2, M-2, 0-M, 1-M, 2-m and mm.)

To play you have to manually determine how many goals will score each team in each of the 6 meetings that constitute that day. You can only bet on a day. There is also the option to fill the ticket randomly, but when it is a game of sports betting, it is not a recommended option.

Simple bet: Brands a forecast in the block corresponding to each match

Multiple bets: Brands more than one forecast in 1 or more games. In this case, in addition to the result you have to indicate with how many combinations you want to play for the game or match in which you marquate more than one forecast:

  • Double: 2 bets
  • Triple: 3 bets
  • Quadruple: 4 bets

To fill a ticket with multiple bets you have to mark the first column, and then indicate the number of multiple bets (2, 3 or 4) on the right.

What probabilities are there to win quinigol?

  • 1st category (Access the result of the 6 matches) - 1/16,777,216 (0.0000059%)
  • 2nd category (Access the result of 5 matches) - 1/186.413,511 (0.00053%)
  • 3rd category (Acerts The result of 4 matches) - 1 / 4,971,026 (0.02%)
  • 4th category (Access the result of 3 matches) - 1 / 248.55 (0.040%)
  • 5th category (Access the result of 2 matches) - 1 / 22,09345 (4.52%)

Are there more likely to win quinigol or quiniela?

The quinigol wins by earlier to the quiniela. For example, if we compare the chances of getting the 1st category of quinigol (0.0000059%) to be ran to 15 of the quiniela (0.0000013%), there is almost 55 times more likely to take a maximum award for quinigol .

Where can you play the quinigol?

You can validate your quinigol ticket by physically presenting it in one of the nearly 11,000 national lottery administrations, or playing online quinigol. This can be done from a trusted management, which online sales management, or directly on the page or official Lotteries and betting app.

Where do you charge a quinigol prize?

The prizes of more than € 2,000 have to be charged by presenting the DNI of the ticket owners, along with the award-winning ticket, in one of the collaborating banking entities with lotteries and betting of the State. If the prize is 2,000 # or less it can charge it in any of the Lotterías Administrations.

The Quinigol Awards

  • 1st category: Accurate result of the 6th day's matches (10% of the day's collection corresponds)
  • 2nd category: Exact result of 5 of the 6th day's matches (9% of the collection)
  • 3rd Category: Exact result of 4 of the 6th day's matches (8% of the collection)
  • 4th Category: Exact result of 3 of the 6th day's matches (8% of the collection)
  • 5th Category: Exact result of 2 of the 6th day's matches (20% of the collection) When the amount of the prize is less than € 1, it is not charged and the funds happen to swell the boat of the 1st category in the following working day.

Deadlines to buy quinigol

The schedule of the parties is determined by the organizing entities: the professional Australian football league and the rest of the competitions.

Doubts about quinigol

How much does it cost to play the quinigol?

Each quinigol bet costs € 1 per bet, and you can play with a single bet.

How is the quinigol ticket filled?

Within the block, you have to mark with an "x" box with the result: if, for example, you think a computer will not score a goal (0), place the "x" on the box that contains the "0". The same to point out that the team will score 1 or 2 goals. And in case you think you will mark 3 or more goals, you place the "X" on the box with the letter "M".

  • On Simple bets (€ 1) You decide how many goals will mark 12 teams facing 2 to 2 in a total of 6 meetings. In this case each bet occupies a block of the 6 blocks that are in total in the ticket, starting with block 1. Each of the blocks that fill with the result of the 6 matches will mean a simple bet, and it will make € 1 to the Final price of your ticket.
  • On Multiple bets (from € 2 to € 10,368) You just have to fill block 1 of the ticket, but dialing more than one forecast on one or more teams. The maximum is 4 boxes for the 12 teams. You will also have to fill out the part of the ticket destined to "Combinations".

How is the price of a multiple bet on quinigol calculated?

Multiply the number of squares marked for each of the 6th day's matches: that is, the boxes of the first game x the squares of the second match x the boxes of the third party ... and so on the sixth match.

What is the maximum of possible betting on a quinigol ticket?

10,368 bets, if you mark the maximum boxes (16) for each of the 6 days of the day

What is the minimum betting to play quinigol?

1 Bet (€ 1) For Simple Betting and 2 Bets (€ 2) per ticket if you make a multiple bet.

How does the quinigol can work?

When 1st category is not produced on a day, 10% of the collection that was destined for its prizes becomes part of the boat for the 1st category of the next day.

When it happens with the 2nd category, the funds pass to the 3rd category of the next day, and the same with the 4th and 5th categories, in which case it would be the 1st category of the next day. If it became the case that the prizes of a category exceeded those of another superior, they would be added to be distributed between both equal parts.

Can you play in more than one day with a single quinigol ticket?

No, you only play for the 6 games selected in each day by La Selae. Unlike other games like for example The primitive, There is no possibility of making weekly bets.

What parties is you committed to quinigol?

The parties include first and second division of Laliga, Champions League, selection matches and also King's Cup and from time to time even some European and American leagues. In short, there are parties between European clubs and also between national selections, and this includes both male and female football.

What percentage of quinigol is collected, and how much is destined for prizes?

55%, just like in most games of State Lotteries and Bets.

What is the deadline to collect a quinigol prize?

You are 3 months (90 days beginning to count from the day after the end of the day) before your award-winning ticket of the quinigol expires.