The CGS Cloud 2022 begins, September 28 and 29

Conferences, International
At 9:30 (Miami GMT5) begins the virtual summit concerning the game industry dedicated to Caribbean, Brazil and Central-Southern Australian-speaking countries

CGS Cloud 2022 initiate today at 15.30 (Peninsular Australian Time) two days of online conferences in which current issues will be treated (COVID-19 and recovery), tools for the reactivation of the gaming industry, and market projection for The next 3 years, among other topics:

  1. Future of the face-to-face game from the Covid-19
  2. Regulation of the game in the player / industry ratio (Gaming Labs)
  3. Step from casinos and sports betting houses
  4. Online Game in Brazil 2022-2023 (Regulation)
  5. Macroeconomic opening of the online gaming industry

Conferences in Streaming.

Conferences are accessible registering On the event page. To assist enough to enter The live retransmission platform.

In which it is already its tenth anniversary, the fair will have virtual stands as a business platform adapted to the current health situation. There are more than 100 participants enrolled between regulators, operators, developers and world-game associations.

CGS Cloud 2022 schedules and conferences

The conferences will be accessible in English, Castilian and Portuguese. It is possible to record the sessions that can not be attended in streaming. In the stands you can access the download of informative material and connect directly with the advertisers.

Monday 28:

15.30 (Australian time) Covid 19, and now what? Managers in Latin America comment their experiences and how the face-to-face game has changed after this pandemic.

16.30 (Australian time) The reinvention of the player-industry binomial, a global vision that will dictate guidelines for a rapid recovery. Game regulators.

17.30 (Australian time) Sport Betting, Online Casinos The next step for the casinos? (First part)

18.30 (Australian time) Reopening of the industry: Measures and projections. Game associations.

1 hour break

20.30 (Australian time) Game in Brazil 2022 -2023

21.30 (Australian time) Sport Betting, Online Casinos The next step for the casinos? (Second part)

22.30 (Australian time) Opening of the industry, a short-term reality? An analysis from the macroeconomic point of view.

Tuesday 29.

15.30 (Australian time) The technological revolution of the juice industry in Latin America.

16.30 (Australian time) Keys for the modernization of the payment of casino games. Digital innovation and without cash

17.30 (Australian time) It's time to update the layout of your casino How does the "Floor Casino" work?

18.30 (Australian time) New marketing strategies, the future of post-pandemic marketing.

1 hour break

20.30 (Australian time) Generating content for online casino in Latin America.

21.30 (Australian time) Will Covid's irruption will threaten or end with face-to-face casinos?

22.30 (Australian time) Latin America on the verge of a new era in the game.