The II European Congress of the 2019 Game is celebrated in Milan


On November 8, the second edition of the European Game Congress (EGC) is inaugurated at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Milan.

The appointment, sponsored by Netent, will bring together experts from the sector, regulators, suppliers, laboratories and European operators, in a single day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with conferences in which the main topics will be discussed in terms of licenses and advertising, among other hot issues.

It is estimated that they will attend around 125 representatives of institutions and companies and there are confirmed 26 participations in round papers / tables.

The list of topics to be discussed stands out for its regional nature:

  1. The markets of Italy and Malta
  2. Markets in the southwest: Australia, France and Portugal
  3. Latest updates in markets from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
  4. Latest regional updates in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  5. Marketing for regulated European market operators
  6. Outsourcing

The programmed conferences will be given a masterclass on an ideal connection and communication between regulators and the industry, which will follow a round table presided by Dr. Simon Planzer (Planzer Law) and André Wilsenach (Senior Vice President of Government Relations of BMM Testlabs.

Other programmed informative sessions:

  • Digital Marketing and Work with Affiliates on Game and Financial Webs What is the best way to carry it out?
  • Game and e-Sports companies that are introduced in the online financial industry and vice versa: operational, regulatory and compliance aspects.

As of 5:00 pm, the awards ceremony will take place (prizes of southern Europe games), which recognize the work of operators and B2B suppliers. The period for Vote online It will remain open until October 13, and the pre-selection of candidates (Top 5) will be announced on the 16th. The winners will be elected by the delegates attending Congress, at a final voting session before the awards ceremony. There is more than twenty category.