DreamTech Multijump Function on YG Masters

The DreamTech provider premieres the Labyrinth of Knossos Multijump slots within the YG Masters program of YGGDrasil, based on the myth of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

Multijump is the protagonist function in the new Slot of Dramtech Labyrinth of Knossos, destined to make players to go to the feared minotaur of the island of Crete. The labyrinth designed by Dédalo now provides new tools to TESEO to end the beast and pass offers a Innovative feature To the world of slots online.

What is the multijump function?

Multijump is a multiplier function that acts during the base game randomly, and is activated to be applicator to all regular payment symbols (a total of 11 different in this slot) during the free spins.
Multijump multipliers can be X2, X3 or X5 for each symbol, having the great advantage that they can be combinable until a maximum prize of up to x4,679 is bet on this slot of 243 combinations.

Why do we like multijump

It is a simple function that does not require a speech to be understood. It applies randomly and is guaranteed during the free turns, for which it is the main bonus.
Although it does not affect the mechanics of the game, nor is a technological revolution, Multijump is perfect for providing an excitement slot with high volatility, as is the case. In short, home perfectly with the chosen theme, and makes Labyrinnth of Knossos multijump the perfect game for those looking for strong emotions without renouncing a decent RTP (96.42%) and a quality audiovisual setting.

Multijump and other innovative functions of YGGDrasil

LabyrinTh of Knossos Multijump premieres on February 11, 2022 within the launches of the YG Masters program, with a maximum prize of up to 280,740 € for bets of € 60 El Giro. Among the most innovative functions and mechanics launched by YGGDrasil and its YG Masters program, and that the provider uses for its games in accordance with other developers are: