Infinity Reels adds a new title: El Dorado

The Dorado Infinity Reels is a slot with up to 15 rollers developed by Yggdrasil and Reelplay. Your maximum payment goes up to x888 with all active rollers.

Reelplay Infinity Reels function adds a new hand title of the YG Masters program. The newly released El Dorado Infinity Reels combines multipliers and rolling rollers for a slot set in the mythical place the Gold of the Aztec Empire.

A week since its premiere (On March 4, 2022), El Dorado Infinity Reels It is presented as one of the most ambitious projects in terms of innovation in the functions applied to the rollers. With each turn an unlimited number of rollers may add to the game screen, which in turn increase the applicable multiplier on the achievements.

Free Spins El Dorado Infinity Reels

Although the highest prize to get on the slot, Gold Infinity Reels is reached when you reach the 15 on-screen rollers, it is the free spins of the Temple Win function which really revolutionizes the game. During the 10 free turns of the round, you can choose between

  • Collect
  • To bet
  • Play

If you opt for the latter, the start level for free turns will be selected, with multipliers that increase in +2, +3 or +4 for each new roller.

About Reel Play.

The Reelplay supplier He has already released 4 titles in collaboration with Yggdrasil, although none with a profit potential such a significant (and changing). The collaboration between the two developers provides the YG catalog of more quality titles by ensuring monthly premieres, while ensuring the dissemination of their creations to smaller studies such as Reel Play.

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