Kansspelautoriteit against illegal advertising

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The Game Regulatory Authority in the Netherlands, KAnspelautoriteit (KSA), starts the processes to prevent affiliates from advertising unlicensed websites

Faced with the imminent premiere of the new regulated market for online game in the Netherlands, the Kanspelautoriteit tries to prevent affiliate pages from announcing online casinos and betting pages for real money that still work without their national license.

As he announced on May 11 in his official website KSA itself, the last minute movement tries that Dutch players receive information only about "legal" operators. That is, the objective is that all operators that were announced have achieved one of the licenses issued by the KSA. For this, it is committed to periodically investigating the activities of affiliate marketing.

Affiliates at the point of sight of the Kansspelautoriteit Dutch

In the last of his previous campaigns with this objective, KSA has analyzed and immediately sanctioned up to 44 pages of affiliates, in response to external complaints and their own research tasks. Until now, Dutch online game legislation explicitly prohibited the promotion of online gambling.

Since April 1, 2022, with the new legislation the situation has varied. The situation is expected to change radically since this new online game law enters into force on October 1, 2022.

A Dutch online game law with successive delays

The KansSpelautoriteit was created in April 2012, and although in principle its activity is focused on the European Party of the Netherlands, its regulations also affect overseas jurisdictions such as Curaçao, San Martín or Aruba.

Although after several start-up attempts in principle, the new Dutch online game law was entered into force in March 2022, in January of this year it was already announced that I would be delayed again.