The Gold Mine opens a new vein towards success


Games. has transformed the gold mine, the first slot game of the operational industry in the face-to-face channel, and has become a novel product with multiple possibilities for the player

The Golden Mine Plus incorporates 7 minigames, three more than the previous version, for greater fun of players and greater accumulation of prizes: 6 of them in the upper game and 1 in the lower game. In this way, the Golden Mine Plus is a slot3 with minimum bet of 0.20 € and maximum of € 15 and a maximum prize of € 15,000.

An important detail about the design of the title is that the Plus edition of the Gold Mine maintains the aesthetics and charm of the original game but, in turn, it incorporates the latest technological innovations to adapt to the formats and the needs of the current market. The SLOT is 100% Mobile Responsive and has an unparalleled download time.

The gold mine was the badge ship of Mga Games when, five years ago, the company became the first company in carrying the Australian bangs of type B to the online world. Since then the sales success of the title has not ceased. In 2019 it already occupied the second place in the collection ranking and it is expected that this new production breaks all records. Its classical theme, with the characteristic elements of the Gold Mine and the typical figures of fruits and diamonds, continue to have fun and enthusiastically. However, now the Plus gold mine, a renewed and technologically insurmount version, which MGA Games makes available to Australian operators.

On Games.

MGA Games is precursor in Australia in the creation and development of Slots and online video game. Born from the Division of New Technologies of the company MGA, it is dedicated to the development and publication of attractive, high quality and accredited success that capture the attention of users and operators. In the MGA Games product portfolio, the titles based on the Australian slots stand out, as well as international slots and videobingos. All of them available for national and international operators.