New regulation of online game in Germany

Germany announces a new package of measures in the regulation of online gaming, which affects the current licensing regime to operate online slots and online casinos change

News in terms of online game regulation in Germany touch marketing issues and social responsibility. The immediate effect of the package of new rules has led to many game operators being carried out important changes in their business practices, to incorporate these changes.

The new regulations, of entry into force in July 2022, contemplates a period of transition that casinos are taking advantage of from the first moment to update and be able to opt for the corresponding official licenses.

Rules of obligatory compliance and tolerance criteria

The official text with the new requirements has between its most restrictive measures for the application for official licensing the elimination of any live game form. In practice, this mainly affects the roulettes and live blackjack tables. In addition, online operators will no longer be referring to themselves as "casino", since this denomination will remain exclusively for physical casinos.

In the list of game providers that would be predisposed to comply with the new German rules, the international microgaming giant is included.

How will the new regulations affect players

  1. Deposit limits of € 1,000 maximum per month
  2. Pause in the game every 60 minutes, for a time of at least 5 minutes
  3. Availability of an automatic self-examination button, always visible.
  4. Prohibition of Live Tables and Games
  5. In Slots, bets at € 1 maximum per turn, with a minimum duration of 5 seconds
  6. In Slots, cancellation of the option of Automatic Shot
  7. Prohibition of games with jackpot
  8. Prohibition of Casino Tables Type BlackJack and others
  9. Ban on Free games and demos
  10. PaySafecard prepaid cards are not accepted

The new German spielbank to play online

As online casinos, they can no longer be called (nor the word "casino" or variants such as "Kasino", "Qasino" or similar ones will be acceptable), online gaming pages will be called "Spielbank". They will only be authorized to offer Slots for real money, and they will have to eliminate even the images of any type of live game.

Consequences of not adapting to the new German legislation

The operators beginning to implement their websites to comply with the new rules may be active during the transition period. But it stipulates that if you do not arrive with the duties made at the deadline, there will be operators that are excluded from any license process in the future, for an indefinite period.