New tools for the Responsible Game

Several operators announce the use of new tools and commitments to promote responsible game, including Playtech and Betsson

Responsible game and protection to the player

Changes in the regulation and the latest online gaming market trends have placed the security and play responsible between the most important aspects for regulatory authorities, and therefore for igaming content operators and developers. For this reason, there are several operators who in recent weeks are announcing the incorporation of specialized tools in the protection of the player.

With the Security Week in the game (SGW) Helpled at the end of last month, several operators announced their commitment to the principles promoted by this initiative. In the focus of attention are the problems of game addiction and the need to inform and educate the general public about the responsible game.

Betsson Group's commitment

The Director of Game Responsible for the Group Betsson announced the need for operators to adscribe to the deontological code promoted by the SWG, and among other things acquire the commitment to "not look for players susceptible to game products", and enhance as clients those people who are able to use it as A recreational pastime.

In its report for the second quarter of 2022 Betsson placed the leading game as a central point of its business movements, qualifying it as an indispensable requirement to promote sustainable relationships with its long-term customers.

Affordability UK de Playtech

Playtech He recently confirmed having integrated into his IMS platform the AFFordability UK tool, with the aim of making his operators easily fulfilled the legal requirements of the UK Gambling Commission regulatory authority to protect players. The goal is to give the player a realistic vision of his ability to pay his bets, and in this way prevent possible problems with the game.