Regulation Online game European February 2022

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In the last month, many of the regulatory changes for the international online game announced at the beginning of 2022 have been launched at the beginning of 2022. We review the main ones.

The different international jurisdictions have included in February 2022 important normative changes that affect the online game in countries such as the United States. The European and Asian regulatory authorities have also announced the entry into force of already announced legislation and upcoming important changes, which we review in the following paragraphs.

Changes in the regulation of online game in Europe


After the start-up of the Consultation of the DCMS, casino operators, sports betting houses and online bingos pay 55% in taxes on their earnings since October 1, 2022.

The UK Gambling Commission has launched a new regulation with multiple Restrictions for Slots and Slots Online, mainly dedicated to the protection of the player, who must enter into force as of October 31, 2022. They affect from speed in turns to the sample of total livestock or lost at the end of each game.


The Irish Government He has just presented the bill for the prohibition of game advertising (2021), with the aim of banning advertising from any kind of gambling, with the exception of sponsorship.

Holland (Netherlands)

The new Law of Gaming at a distance delay one more month its entry into force, until next April 1, 2022. The Dutch regulated online market will be delayed equally until October 1, 2022. For its part, legislative changes Introduced include the advertising of the game advertising on sports teams (advertisements) and certain types of bets and for certain soccer leagues.


The first regulatory law of the game in the country is inaugurated, by the KRAIL (Commission for the Regulation of Games and Lotteries). But the legislative part corresponding to taxation is still pending, before the online gaming market regulated in Ukraine begins to work.


The Government plans to review the regulatory framework that affects the online game at the end of April 2022, with the aim of establishing an independent regulatory authority that is responsible for the granting of licenses in the country. It is also expected an increase in operators' rates and the creation of a national registry for self-examination, following the country model as the United Kingdom, France or Australia.

United States and Asia

Virtually all national states have suffered modifications in their regulations on the game, whether online or physical sites. In the list of states that present legislative news, Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming.

In Japan, the non-implementation of the retention tax is confirmed on casinos to foreign visitors, while in Thailand, the blockade is issued to more than 1,200 game sites on the national blacklist while the Government announces to consider the legalization of the game as Tax collection form against the economic crisis that the country lives.