Slots to sit at the round table. First part.


Arthur, Merlin and all the cavalry.

At the offices of Slotjava we have decided to ride our own slot tournament to spend the hot weeks of August that we still have left. And what better theme for a tournament than some of the most emblematic slots dedicated to King Arthur and his knights from the round table.

King Arthur

  • Enchanted Kingdom It is not exactly a slot on camelot, but it is about gentlemen in a delighted medieval kingdom. Your good roll and 3 progressive jackpot will put you in atmosphere.
  • Beginning with the beginning of history, and also by one of the most recent launch games, Crown of Avalon is dedicated to the first years of Arturo as a Disciple of Merlin. It is a basic slot, with interesting free spins and wildfields of the Excalibur size.
  • For when Arturo grows and things start to put a little more interesting in his court, we recommend King Arthur de NextGen. Its function of fair allows to beat the red and blue gentleman. Do not miss it.
  • On Mighty Arthur The king abandons the comfort of his court to face the search of the Grail, with Merlin making full size wildcard and by speaking all the squares that are shot.
  • And maybe the grail may not leave everything right, but in Arthur’s Fortune You will see that with everything and that the king got filling his coffers thanks to incredible bonus free spins.

Merlin the charming

  • We have already mentioned the medieval magician par excellence a few times, and is that Arturo would not have been nothing without his eccentric mentor. On Merlin’s Moneyburst You can check why.