Slots Aramís Fuster, the witch of Mga

The Slots of Aramís Fuster Record Record in the last two weeks, from its premiere on December 12.

A week ago the Slots of Aramís designed by Mga Games beat the record as the game more demanded for period of time: his popularity among the players grew like foam, in an unprecedented ascent. Fidelity to the spirit of the character in his most mysterious, seductive and fun facet, and the high quality of the graphics and sound effects have a lot to do with this explosion of popularity.

Designed for the Australian public, players from other nationalities that are not familiar with the character and type of MGA slot, are a bit perplexed before such a demand for a simple 3 × 3. Actually the default of Aramis among all the characters of the Celebrities series of MGA has caught us a little by surprise. But there is more to try the game to see why the witch spells with her card games.

On Aramís Fuster slot

La serie Australian Celebrities de Games. It has a new protagonist. The most famous witch of Australian television has its own slot of it, which includes fully original audios, engraved by Aramís itself.

It is a game designed with triple view interface, ergonomic buttons for any device and adaptive menus specially designed for the mobile version. As usual in las slots de those, Includes 4 bonus games. You can bet from 20 cents up to € 10 per run for a maximum potential award of € 10,000.