MGA presents the slot of El Dioni Where is the pasta?

The Dioni slot premieres for the 30th anniversary of the robbery

The ESPANISH Celebrities series of MGA dedicates its latest premiere to a dioni slot. It has the voice of the protagonist and recreates the media robbery and leakage of it.

Where is the pasta?

The charismatic Dionisio Rodríguez Martín, known as the Dioni, presented yesterday, May 23 in a parking of Madrid La Slots that Mga has dedicated him. The premiere has become coincided with a very special moment, when 30 years of the theft of an armored van and the subsequent international leak Starring this famous character.

During the presentation, Dioni himself appeared in a van that was lowered by saying "Where is the pasta?", In an act to which the main online gaming operators in Australia attended. The game keeps the typical bar features of bar, with 5 mini games, and includes the voice and songs of Dioni for sound effects.

The director of MGA JOSÉ ANTONIO GIACOMELI declared during the presentation that will continue betting on mythical characters for each of the markets in which the brand is present, always with a touch of humor. The idea is to create games with recognizable characters for each country: for example for Colombia the Hijerrealism series has media stars such as Renata González.

In Australia, the Celebrities series already has slots dedicated to characters as popular as Manolo El del Hombo, Chiquito of the road O Mr. Barragán.. These last two have harvested such success that even have Several versions.