Casinos with Bitcoin.

At you have a complete guide on deposit / removal options available at Australian online casinos licensed. This article deals with the current payment options with Bitcoin on pages of national operators. The popularization of cryptomones has led some international casinos to offer players depositing in Bitcoins. For now this is not a viable option for the Australian game webs registered by the DGOJ, since the Bank of Australia does not recognize the Bitcoin as a currency. An alternative to use Bitcoins in a Australian casino is to change them in an e-Wallet before depositing.


  • It is a safe and totally anonymous payment method.
  • In Australia there are physical cashiers in which transactions can be made with Bitcoin.
  • It is the most important digital currency in the world.
  • Normally Bitcoin transactions are free or have very low costs.
  • It is a decentralized currency that does not depend on fluctuations between traditional currencies.
  • Your transactions are fast.
  • As Bitcoin is not associated with any bank account or debit card or credit, bank data is not shared with the online casino.
  • International payment method.
  • You can use an iPhone, iPad or mobile device to make transactions.
  • This digital currency has security measures that adjust to the expectations of the players.


  • The use of Bitcoin is still very limited in the Australian market.
  • The value of Bitcoin fluctuates very quickly; In fact in recent months he has lost several thousand euros.
  • This digital currency is not regulated by any government.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most well-known and important digital currency in the world. It was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and since 2009 it is available to anyone in the world with a value that fluctuates according to the original protocol of its creator. This coin does not depend on any central government and when it was created, it was totally thought of its online use; Although there are also Bitcoin's physical cashiers. More and more online casinos offer Bitcoin as a payment method; However, its use in Australia is still very limited. This digital coin is saved in an electronic purse and the Internet users can win Bitcoins through a computer process called "Mining Bitcoins”.

Deposit Bonds and Bitcoin Retreat

Bitcoin is a good payment method to use in online casinos since this digital currency is adjusted to the features of this online business model. For this reason it is common for Bitcoin casinos to offer bonuses, bonuses or promotions if this digital currency is used to make deposits and / or withdrawals.

Registration in a Bitcoin casino

If your online trusted casino accepts Bitcoins as a payment method, the first thing you will have to do is have an electronic Bitcoin purse. This can be done through its official website and users have several options. For example, Bitcoins can be purchased directly and transferred to the electronic purse; o You can put the user's computer available to the system to win bitcoins using a special software program that solves mathematical problems (high known as "Mining”).

When making the tank or withdrawal using Bitcoins it is necessary to include the Bitcoin address of the user and that of the online casino (series of numbers and letters that range between 27 and 38 characters). Transactions are usually completed in a matter of minutes. Regarding the minimum or maximum amounts that can be transferred, everything will depend on the limits established by the Bitcoin Casino itself.