Casinos with Paypal experts are proud to offer you a complete and summarized guide on how to use PayPal to deposit and withdraw funds in your casino account. PayPal is one of the most secure payment systems when making Internet payments, and one of the most recommended options for online players due to their immediacy. In the following paragraphs we give you a list with the steps to create a free account, we explain how to use it in a casino and we give a realistic review about your pros and cons when using it to play with real money.


  • Fast, safe and reliable payment method.
  • Do not share the banking data or the card with the casino operator.
  • It can be used with iOS and Android devices.
  • PayPal also has a prepaid card.
  • It is free since customers do not pay commissions, the service provider is the one who is responsible for paying commissions.
  • More than 200 million people use this method of payment in their online transactions.
  • The profits of a PayPal casino can remain a balance in the PayPal account or transfer to a bank account.


  • All the online casinos of Australia accept it.
  • Some PayPal casinos only allow deposits with this electronic purse but not the money retreats.
  • Some online casinos charge a fee for its use.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a pioneer North American company in economic transactions on the Internet that has operating online since 1999. This electronic purse began by offering its services under the name of Confinity, but in 2002 after the purchase of the company by eBay was when it began to grow rapidly as one of the most important electronic wallets in the world. Its introduction as a payment method in the best online casinos of Australia has been recent, however, it has had a great acceptance between Australian players.


PayPal casinos are the online casinos of Australia that among your payment methods accept PayPal as a deposit method and / or withdrawal. One of the advantages of the casinos is that when using this method to add balance to the player's account or withdraw the profits, it is not necessary to share the card number with the casino operator since the entire process of the economic transaction is carried out through an email and a password. This means that the online casino will never have access to banking data or card number.

PayPal is one of the payment methods approved by the General Directorate of Game Management, which implies that PayPal can be used to make safe deposits and receive reliable retreats when playing casino games such as slot, roulette, blackjack or poker The legal casinos.

Deposit Bonds and PayPal Retreat

To encourage the use of this method of payment, some PayPal casinos of Australia offer deposit and retreat bonuses ranging between 5% and 15%. To make effective the number of these PayPal bonuses you have to read the terms and conditions that each casino operator imposes with this electronic wallet.

Registration in a casino with PayPal

To use PayPal in an online casino, the player must be registered at the online casino and have a PayPal account. User registration on the online casino operator's website is very simple since you only have to fill out a form offering some information. The best way to register in a casino is using a welcome bonus or a bonus without deposit.

Regarding register in PayPal, the user must access the website of this electronic wallet and select "Create account". Below you need to choose the type of account that suits you most reviewing your personal needs and filling out a simple form in which you will have to include the email and password associated with your account. A card must also be linked. Once the successful process is completed, PayPal can now be used as a payment method in the best online casinos in Australia and thousands of online stores.