Casinos with teleingreo.

Surely when making a deposit or withdrawn into your casino account you have met with the option of teleingreso, but do you know what exactly is and what is different from a bank transfer? The members of the Slots-Australia.ES team have decided to create a complete guide to explain in a concise manner how they are used and what are the advantages and limitations of all the payment methods available in Australian online casino. In the next lines you will find the keys to perform a teleingre and see in what situations it could be more convenient for other payment methods.


  • Payment method that allows you to make deposits with cash or card.
  • Payments can be made from an ATM or from authorized physical trade.
  • TeleingReso is a safe and reliable payment method.
  • Your official website is in Australian.
  • TeleingReso has regular promotions for its customers.
  • Accessible payment method for players without a bank account.
  • It works at online casinos that operate in the European and Latin American market.
  • It is not necessary to associate any debit card or user credit.
  • It does not require a record.
  • TeleingReso does not charge commissions to its customers.
  • Available with iOS and Android devices.
  • Method of payment that meets the requirements imposed by the General Directorate of Game Management.


  • Customer service available only by email.
  • You can not make withdrawals with teleingre in online casinos.
  • There may be certain limits and restrictions by using this payment method with a casino operator.
  • Method of payment that do not accept all online casinos of Australia.

What is teleingreso?

TeleingReso belongs to the business group Telepay SL, a Australian company with a strong presence in Europe and Latin America that offers financial products and services similar to teleingreso. For example, other companies in this company are Ukash, Toditocash and Paysafecard. One of the advantages of this global payment service operator is that in addition to being able to be used in online casinos and online stores, it also allows you to make payments with both card and cash.


TeleingReso casinos are the online casinos of Australia that among its payment methods accept teleningre as a deposit method. Remember that until now TeleingReso only allows us to make deposits in casino operators using cash or a bank card, but does not have the option of making withdrawals. Casinos offer thousands of pay points in an easy and 100% safe manner.

TeleingReso has the approval of the general management of the game, which allows to make safe and reliable deposits to play blackjack, roulette, poker or slot machines.

Deposit bonuses

Some online casinos that work with this payment method offer teleningral deposit bonds that can be accumulated with other promotions such as the Welcome Bonus or the Recharge Bonus. The operation of these bonds rely on the terms and conditions of each casino operator.

Registration in a teleingreos casino

TeleingReso is one of the simplest methods that can be found in an online casino. One of its advantages is that in addition to offering you the option to pay by card, it also allows you to make deposits in online casinos with cash. Your procedure is as follows:

  1. Select teleningre as payment method in the online casino.
  2. A 9-digit code will appear on the screen of the mobile device.
  3. Direct up to an ATM associated with teleingreso and make the payment of the deposit by entering the 9 digits that were generated online; This same action can be done in an authorized trade using cash.
  4. Once the payment is received, the deposit will appear in the player's account.

Teleingreso is a payment method that allows you to make deposits with card and cash without the need to share bank data with the casino operator; In fact, the user does not need to have a bank account, so anonymity is total. Its inconvenience is that it does not allow withdrawals from the accounts' accounts.