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First of all, welcome! We know you love playing free online slot, that's why you're here! The good news is that we also love the slots. Browse through our selection of the best slots, choose a game and have fun. Without downloading or registering.

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The slot machine they are the protagonists of the Current online casinos And it's easy to know why. They are machines that have a very simple way to function; which are very showy for their themes, colors and effects; Very fun and dynamic, and with which any casino user can have a good time. We are sure that you also love you, that's why you've reached here!

We have selected the best online casinos in which you can play the slot

Well, we have good news in such a case. Did you know that it is possible to play free slots? Ok, we do not throw the bells on the fly, because you can imagine that if you play for free, you will not be able to take a lot of money; but we tell you that, even if you are an experienced user, the Free slot They may interest you, and a lot!

Slots in

One of the main advantages of free slots is that they do not require registration by the player. Okay, make a record is free and usually take short time, but who wants to have a thousand open accounts in a thousand different establishments in which you do not think to re-enter? It's a roll! With these free casino games you can try casinos and slot without having to commit you with them and without having to remember online casino credentials that are truly not interested.

Another positive aspect of the Slots Free is that you allow you to try so many new slots as you want, all that go on the market! So many interesting slots are launched a month that it is complicated to try them all without our portfolio will be trembled. Free game mode allows players to try without compromise and without betting real money. By the way, if you are one of those who die of trying all the new releases, we inform you that in Slotjava we have a section where we are adding the slots that go to the market every day.

We have reviewed hundreds of slot games. We have also written pages on all the topics related to the slots that can be thought

In case you are an unreported user, this type of games will allow you to learn how to play. It is true that slots do not require a great dexterity on the part of the player, nor a lot of strategy; But new slots include more and more functions and minigames that can be truly chaotic if you have not become familiar with them before. And what better way to take practice without risking your money?

What types of free slot machines exist?

There are so many types of slots and combinations between these as you can imagine. The categories of machines can obey various factors, and here we will explain the types of Slots That exist according to a few categories.

The number of drums

The drums or rollers are the tapes with "drawings" that revolve to match these symbols. Formerly they were metal bands that turned inside the machine, but now they are no more than animations they serve to give a little more emotion to the game online.

The most traditional slots have around three rollers - more than five-, while the most modern online slots can have up to a dozen. What madness, right?

The most common drum numbers are three, five, six and seven. You can get more information about the number of drums here.

Form of a game

This category obeys the most technical characteristics of the machine, and allows us to distinguish several subtypes of Slots:

  • Classic slots: Classic machines are those that move you to the physical casinos of Las Vegas - or to your neighborhood bar, in case you live in Australia. They are simpler, they have fewer drums and are also less interactive. That is not necessarily negative, since there are many people who feel overwhelmed by other more complex slot. The classic slots offer you all the essential: excitement, chances of taking a prize and ease of use.
  • Video slots: These slots incorporate more complex animations and have video screens in which small cuts, comics or minivide are emitted.
  • 3D slots: This type of slot machine incorporates 3D technology to make experience as real as possible. The animations of these slots are simply impressive and more resemble a modern videogame than to a bar slot machine.

Payment lines

The payment lines - symbol completions that allow a prize to the player - of the slots are another characteristic that has evolved over time. The most classic slot machines did not usually have more than three or five pay lines, while new releases can have almost a thousand.

However, the most usual thing in the times that run is that the slots have some dozens of pay lines. With that you should settle, because it really gives you many options.

Slotjava is aimed at playing any swallows available online and we collect new slots at all times.

Bonus functions in slots

The slot machines have more and more functions that initiate minigames, bonus rounds or that simply increase the chances of winning users. Some of these functions have been existed since the slots were invented, such as wildcards or free runs, but others, such as minigames, are very novel and do not stop evolving. Do you want to know more about these convenient functions for the player? We tell you everything we know!

To begin with, the most basic are Free Shots, which are nothing other than what your own name suggests and that tend to be gifts from the casino or the slot in question. They allow you to play without having to put your money at risk, although you should know that the profits derived from these are quite difficult to withdraw.

Bonus Round - The example of the popular Book of Ra of Novomatic

The symbols are also interesting WILD O Comodines Of Slots, which when they appear on the drums are changed by the symbol necessary to complete a payment line. They can be of various types: Classics, sticky -The ones remain for several runs-, Stacked - They seek by chance and can invade a full roller- or cascade "That appear above others, add lost symbols, generate totally new combinations, etcetera.

The Scatters, On the other hand, appear in the rollers of the slot at any time and give rise to an immediate victory when its number is superior to two. It is not necessary that they draw a payment line or that appear in a certain order.

We can not forget the multiplier, which, as its name suggests, can multiply the earnings originally assigned to a certain combination. They are a very well-valued function, so cross your fingers to appear!

The most modern slots, in addition, offer the possibility of Bonus rounds o De Minigames Inside the game itself. Bonus rounds, on the other hand, are activated with certain symbols and generate additional benefits. Minigames are also running with certain combinations and open new independent screens with games -which thematic are normally related to the most or less complex slots that give the opportunity to generate extra profits.

Another very interesting function that some slot machines have some slot machines is the jackpot O Progressive boat. Surely it is not necessary that we understand what it is, but, just in case, we tell you that it is like a huge piggy bank in which several players - sometimes even millions - they are depositing money until one is very lucky and it is It takes everything. There have been Slots, such as Mega Moolah, who have distributed millions overnight. The boats can be a single machine, generate in a single casino or, on the other hand, fill in with all the casino games of the same developer or through a network of several casinos. Take you one of these boats is the greatest thing that can happen to you if you play the slots.

Compatibility with mobile devices and technology

Nowadays casino users want to be able to play slots from their mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets. The current world rotates very fast and waits, however, they are quite long. Many Slots players like to bet from public transport, in waiting rooms or even in the supermarket queue. Aware of this phenomenon, developers and online casinos have had to adapt their platforms to offer their customers what they asked for.

At first, the solution was casino applications. They still continue to exist and some work quite well, but space is a well precious in this type of devices and how many unnecessary applications we have, better. By having to offer very high quality animations and videos, especially in the case of 3D slots, this type of programs occupied a lot of space of phone memory and some players were reluctant to play from the mobile for this reason. The casinos, who do not cease to be companies seeking their economic benefit, did not think twice as they wished that they lost potential customers and changed their methods.

Play slots - Slots from your mobile devices

The current trend is that games are compatible with the navigator of mobile devices. Users do not have more to open it - always and when it is updated - and access the casino website. The main majority of titles of the main casinos are perfectly optimized to operate on small screens. In fact, many developers are creating Special Slots and other exclusive games for mobile devices.

We also tell you that some casinos offer bonuses and special promotions for those users who access their games from their portable devices. Do not miss it, find out and -Please read the terms and conditions always so as not to have to regret misunderstandings.

Play the slot for real money

Yes, of course that play for real money It's a good idea ... When you're ready! When you have found out what slot you like and you have given a casino that fits your tastes and needs, you can start betting real money. Actually you can do it long before, from minute one, but we do not advise you.

There are slot establishments that are better than others, this is a fact, and therefore there are so many websites on the Internet that offer reviews, reviews and ratings of both the casinos, and the games itself or from their developers. Nobody wants to end up in a casino that offers bad conditions, little flexibility of payments and on top of having a poor slot library, why not?

The slot for real money give you the opportunity to earn money enjoying a simple, dynamic and very fun game. If you also take into account the possibility of taking you a jackpot, Adrenaline can be triggered. In any case, we ask you to calm and we give you our best advice: Read many reviews on websites like ours, Informate, compare, write in specialized forums, trust in more expert users than you and, of course, give them an opportunity to Free slots. They will allow you to test the casino, understand the operation of the game and, in addition, try as many machines as you want to determine what your tastes are. They are all advantages, do not you think?

The casinos we recommend offer hundreds of slot for real money, so in them you are meant to find a game that loves you.

How to win on online slot machines?

Okay, it seems that you finally decided to try your luck with the slots for real money, but ... Sure! You do not want to lose a lot of money and yes you want to take a good pinch home, is not it? Well, then we're going to give you some tips for you to minimize your losses at the same time as you maximize your profits in the slot.

First of all we are going to tell you a secret that will surprise you. Did you know that there are players who have gained real money without spending a penny? Incredible but true! What have they done it? Well, very simple: based on Casino bonuses without deposit. These bonuses, of which we have already spoken before, in the case of the slots are usually tandas of Free spins. However, carefully read the terms and conditions that apply to this type of bonus, since they are usually quite hard and make it quite complicated withdrawing the profits without depositing real money.

Until you fuck confidence it is recommended that you make small bets on the slots. Small size bets involve smaller prizes, but also lower risks. Once you feel more comfortable with a machine, you can start to bet higher amounts. A tip that we give you is that you never play at times when your mood is altered: nor when you are depressed, neither angry, nor euphoric. And, of course, never play under the effects of alcohol.

It is recommended that you never bet on casinos that do not offer you all as possible. We have already told you that not all are equal and nowadays you have at your disposal all the information in the world to know if an establishment is legitimate or not. If you take a disgust, it will not be because we have not warned you!

The best sites to play slots are those that combine entertainment with a good bonus

Slot Suppliers - Slots

Each year new game developers emerge, although there are some well-established and reputed in the online casino industry. For example, Microgaming, Netent, WMS, Novomatic or IGT are some examples of companies that have been known to work a fame of good practices, quality games and commitment to innovation. Playtech, on the other hand, is the developer par excellence of the games inspired by movies, television series or comic sagas. In the Australian market, MGA and Recreational Franco stand out, which make the delights of the players of our country.

Although at first glance, the suppliers may seem almost equal, the truth is that everyone follows a different line. There are some who specialize in more classic slots, while others create very innovative slots. They also vary their themes, the quality of their effects of image and sound, the type of slots that develop -in video, in 3D, with progressive jackpot, etcetera. We return to give you the same advice from before: Find out about the different developers, read reviews and discover what the ideal provider can be for you. In this way you may not only find a slot that fits your tastes, but you may find a developer who has designed several slots that are perfect for you.

In Slotjava we have sections and reviews on the main developers of the industry. We update them regularly, so do not stop taking a look!


Totally. The online game in Australia is regulated by the General Directorate of Game Ordination (DGOJ) of the Ministry of Consumer, which until recently was an entity dependent on the Ministry of Finance. It is the official body in charge of issuing the game licenses to online casinos and verifying the operation of their games, including online slots.

In order to play online in Australia, it is enough to be of legal age, be in full possession of your mental abilities and not discharged you in a self-help system. You can try the Slots demos for free, or play for real money depositing through a method of payment to your name (credit card, electronic purse ...).

So far, the Spaniards have been fortunate to have one of the best regulations on online gambling, which guarantees the protection of their data and their rights as players.


Yes, the online game in Mexico is regulated by the General Directorate of Games and Draws of the SEGOB. This governmental entity is responsible for issuing official licenses for online operators in the country. It has a free and public access record, so you can consult if the online casino in which you play are licensed.

The requirements to be able to play online in Mexico are legally very similar to those of other regulated jurisdictions. You must be of legal age and not find yourself in a situation of self-explion, that is, they have not previously requested that they include your name in a players record with problems.

most of Online casinos with Mexican license They have bench in pesos, as well as dollars. You can deposit to play for real money using a payment method to your name. For the withdrawals of casino funds, the same system will be used with which you deposit, whenever possible. If not, you will be asked to verify another bank account or card that is also in your name.


Despite the latest news about regulatory projects, the current situation of online gaming in Chile is in a legal limbo. Playing online is not prohibited, but neither does a specific regulation still exist. The authorities pose to allow licensed operators for physical casinos to offer online games. In fact, some like Enjoy would already be doing.

Therefore, Play in an online casino in Chile It is legal, but the players of this nationality still do not have the support of the Superintendency of Games. However, everything suggests that this situation will change in the short or medium term, given the interest that Chilean Hacienda has been demonstrating by creating a system of national licensing.

Meanwhile, to play online in Chile we recommend that you use reliable casinos, with an international license of one or more of the main regulatory authorities, such as UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.


Yes, play online in Argentina is legal. What happens at the moment is that certain provinces, with Buenos Aires and Mendoza at the head, have already established their own license system. The rest, as Santa Fe (among others) are in a process of coordination prior to the beginning of licensing issuance.

The system Online casinos licensed in Argentina It is somewhat different from the rest of the world. In your case, it is each province that draws a maximum number of licenses available, which grants in public competition among the best applicants. It is usually the entity responsible for the management of the game in each jurisdiction, who calls for the contest and carries out the process of selection and maintenance of licenses.

Currently the finished domains at are being exclusively used for online gaming operator records. They can only be used by the authorities of each of the existing jurisdictions, as stipulated in resolution 42/2019 and in provision 68/2019, approved by the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Nation through the National Directorate of Registry of Internet domains.

Frequent questions

What are free slot?

Free slots are what your own name indicates: Slots Of those you can enjoy without betting money. As you read, you will not have to deposit a penny. There are several options to enjoy them. One, you can do it through the bonuses that distribute the casinos; Two, testing the machines on the websites of the casinos, or, three, on websites like this, with free machines.

Where can I play free slot?

There are casinos Online They offer you the possibility of trying your games without making a tank of money and without opening a user account. However, you have other options. There are also websites, such as Slots-Australia, where you can try the latest-even machines before they are available in the casinos- for free, without betting real money and without registration.

Are the free slots the same as the slot for real money?

Indeed, the machines themselves are identical. It does not change the design, it does not change the mechanics and does not change the fun either. A slot For real money requires you to bet money to play and have the potential to make you earn more money than you bet. A free machine, for its part, allows you to have a good time without losing money, using only virtual money "from which it is not spent."

How is the online slots play?

The Slots Online are the simplest game that exists and you will not need any prior dexterity or learning to enjoy them. You do not have more to access Slots-Australia or a casino Online, Decide with which one you want to try your luck and start turning the rollers with the "spin" or "play" button. The only thing we recommend is that you consult the pay table before you start betting real money, to know what antenerte.

Are the slots really random?

Of course, you have not to worry about. The machines that you can find in legal casinos are controlled by independent organizations that are dedicated to checking whether random number generators (RNGs according to their acronym) are really random. It is totally impossible to predict or alter the results of each roll, so that all players have exactly the same chance of winning.

Can I play the slots without discharge?

Sure, nowadays most of the websites and casinos Online They offer slot machines in their catalogs do not require downloads to be able to enjoy them. You will only need an updated browser to enjoy the Slots More modern in the industry. There are casinos that have mobile applications, but it is increasingly rather than this type of establishment do not also offer the game option without downloads.

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