5 drum slot machines

Slots with 5 drums have copied the online slot market. Discover why suppliers and players have made pineapple around the 5 rollers, the features that have become the favorites of the public and how to get the most out of them.

What does 5 rollers mean?

The slots can be classified according to many criteria, and the number of rollers is one of the most frequent. A roller (also called drum, reel or in English) is a vertical section divided into boxes with symbols, which rotates when you press the "spin" button.

The rollers are placed next to each other, in consecutive rows of 3, 4, 5, 6 rollers. or even up to 7, to form the grill of the game in which the combinations appear. Each roller can simultaneously show 3 or more symbols in boxes that configure a grid with others.

Surely you've heard of Slots of 5 x 3 (5 rollers, each with 3 symbols), with 20 pay lines. Well, the pay lines are the combinations of symbols traced on the grid of the game, to determine in what positions prizes are delivered. Another option are the combinations marked symbol to symbol, called "Ways to Win".

In general, most 5-reel games have 20 pay lines or 720 ways to win, because these figures give rise to dynamic grills, which deliver small frequent prizes, significant prizes when you least expect it, and even progressive boats. Consequently the game sessions are very fun.

Payout or frequency of payment

There is a good reason why the 5-reel slots are among the favorites' favorites, and it is its frequency granting prizes. It is true that more winning combinations, more chances of getting a victory, but statistically the rewards of any slot are determined by their percentage of RTP.

All the games and slots de casinos online With a license, they are verified by the DGOJ, which instructs independent laboratories to check the random numbers generation systems of each slot. That means that it does not matter when or how much or from where you play: your chances of winning are always the same.

In any case and returning to the type of slots that we analyze, the 5 drum structure is not the only thing that influences the payouts. These gestures can contribute at the time of getting more prizes:

  1. Choose slot with a high RTP.
  2. Play with a greater number of active payment lines.
  3. Try luck during sessions long enough so that special functions are activated and (above all) extra bonuses.
  4. Assess the betting options by Shot: Some Slots allow you to select the active payment lines, while in others what you can modify is how many credits betting per run.

Slots of 5 reels: Preferred

All studies dedicated to online gaming software coincide in one thing: put all the meat on the spine, when it comes to 5 reels. In this format it is where the main innovations are undertaken in design, and to which the most revolutionary functions apply.

The slots with 5 drums have been consolidated to the point that, currently, the rest of the grills with more or less drums have gone through the list of exotic games. By discounted, as a consequence in 5-roller format it is possible to find virtually any topic that occurs, classic or last generation, no matter how strange or specific it may be.

The best of the format of 5

The 5 drum slots have become a niche of creativity, giving rise to games that provide full audiovisual experiences. In this regard they leave the conventional slots far behind, and we do not say to those "bandits" of gold rush. These are some of the things you can find in a last generation slot:

  1. Tickets that you definitely not want to skip: The presentation videos of many of these games are a small work of art.
  2. Animations and impressive graphics: And there are for all tastes, not just video slots O 3D slots... You can find you from simple interfaces (but loaded with a sense of humor), to natural paradises and forensic laboratories.
  3. Most of the trigger tribute to milestones of popular culture, have five rollers: there are musical groups, movies, television series ... with fantastic settings, where you can really get to feel submerged during the game.
  4. Bonus games that go far beyond free bonus bonuses. They are authentic arcade games within the main game, you will be willing to activate because they have more chances of prize, but also because they are fun.
  5. Special functions, which many providers offer exclusively for certain games families. An example is the Extra Pay, Floating Reels or Tumbling Reels, to name some that you can discover in the IGT games.

The history of the 5 drums

Currently all the great (and small) of the online gaming industry include in their catalog Titles with 5 reels. In fact, most of the slots that have achieved more popularity have this structure. Think for example in lobstermania or Wolf Run, games with thematic and functions very disparate, but they share this feature.

But this was not always so. The first machine with 5 rollers was born in the state of New York at the end of the 19th century, when those preferred by the players were the 3-reel slots. Although it was a milestone in the world of random machines, the truth is that due to its complexity, it was not very successful.

We had to wait more than 80 years for the 5 drum slots to be placed on top of the pyramid. In the mid-70 Fortune Coin (then part of IGT) created the first slot for traditional casinos, with 5 rollers that appeared on a 19-inch tele.

In the 90s, the slot passed to become the main source of profits of the casinos, and was then when the first 5-rollers appeared with a Game bonus: Reel'em of WMS. Since then the 5 drum slots have made their natural habitat internet, with Online slot machines increasingly surprising and original.