6 roller slot machines

The offer of slots with 6 drums is still a little scarce when compared to the 5-rollers' gaming catalog, but titles like Book of Ra 6 are making the forophers of the average dozen becoming more and more numerous.

A roller and one step further.

We are in full swing of the online slots of 5 reels: If you do not believe us, you do not have more to compare numbers and you will see that the game catalog with 5 rollers is simply unabarcable Are we crazy devoting this article to the 6 drum slots?

For most international studies dedicated to creating online gaming software, 5 roller slots are a safe bet, thanks to its balance between the frequency of prizes and the amounts of profits. Its structure is perfect in that sense, as far as they form visually complete grids (and not too complex), it has allowed them to be placed in the head among all types of slots on the market.

But in front of the general trend and demand of most operators, many developers are still looking for more original games, reinterpreting the most popular slots uniquely. That's where the 6-reel slots are framed, let's see what makes them so special.

History of the Slots of 6 Drums

When we say that the 6-drum games are something novel in the world of online slots, we are not exaggerating: they carry with us less than a decade. They are almost as rare as the 4 Drum Games, and at first they were more extravagance than anything else.

The first titles with 6 rollers appeared in 2014, and the decision to increase one that for many is the perfect number, wine derived from two factors that at first nothing had to do with creating longer payment lines.

On the one hand, WMS launched the Red Flag Fleet game, with a peculiar structure grill, in which starting 2 heights, each roller was adding one more to a total of 6 stepped rollers stuck in a row. The changes introduced with respect to a standard video Slot with 5 drums had more to do with creating a different interface, than with adding reels. In parallel, the same year Novomatic launched Sizzling 6, in which the sixth roller was an extra that worked as an additional bonus, which was operated at certain times.

Types of 6 rollers slots

In the previous section we have just seen that five one do six, but only sometimes. What we want to say is that, when you decide to try a slot of these characteristics, then you perceive that the game dynamics is a bit different. Something similar to when you play with classic machines.

That is why many creators choose to allow the sixth reel to enter into action only under certain circumstances, and for a limited time of the game. In this way, the rhythm is maintained with respect to the fact that most are accustomed, and since almost all the time there are only 5 reels on the screen, it is not necessary to lighten the details of the setting in which the slot is inspired and thus lower the visual weight of the play.

This is the reason why many sets of 6 fixed rollers opt for clean line interfaces and simple symbols, such as fruit. Another resource to lighten the grill of a structure of 6, is to make not all reels the same height. When a developer leans through this alternative, he usually uses a structure of 2-3-4-5-6-7, such as that, for example, in Zeus III of WMS. You will be on our part if we say that, above all, it is original.

Obvious advantages: The more, the better.

For now, games with half a dozen rollers form a relatively small but nothing disdached collection, which includes some of the games that are marking trend in online casinos around the world. The 6-drum machines were practically unthinkable in the traditional playrooms, but everything indicates that the studies every time see more possibilities in them.

And it is that in a digital interface, adding a further reel on the game grill does not imply waive anything, but it does provide more potential combinations and with it, more options to get more prizes and more prizes. For granted that games with 6 rollers also come with interesting functions and Bottomed Games That entertain the sessions You do not have to give up anything!

What does it involve playing with 6 rollers?

First of all, we give a review of the most common features in online slots. This will be easier to see what they have special of special (for good and bad) the slots who prefer to innovate and dispense with regular canons.

To begin with, the thickness of the online slots that you will find has a 5 × 3 structure and 20 pay lines. That means that they work with a 5-rollery grid (each of which has 3 symbols) where you have option to form 20 different pay lines per run.

On the other hand, the usual thing is that a game has around 12 or 14 symbols, including specials: a wildcard, a scatter and a bonus. Well, that does not have to stay in the 6-reel slots, in which in fact the number of all these attributes usually increases.

Everything changes when adding a sixth roller. But what more is different (or not) on the machines with 6 reels?:

  1. The first evident advantage when suming a sixth reel is that the winning combinations that you formes could be longer, and consequently the rewards achieved with them, would increase.
  2. Since there is a greater visual space available, many designers choose to provide the 6-roller slots with more symbols, both normal and special: that means that there could be more wildcards in action!
  3. In general, to keep the balance many slots with 6 or more rollers try to stay provided by adding more payment lines, combinations or even symbols. But we warn you that the same thing does not happen with the functions, progressive jackpots and extra bonus games.
  4. It is important to review that despite all these differences, the total computation of your profits will not be affected. What determines the payouts of a slot are not their functions, paylines or reels, but their percentage of RTP. You can see what it consists of our intro to the world of Free slot.