Fruit slot machines

The Fruit Online Slots are interactive machines, derived from classic slots. But unlike these (which only present a base game) have several game modes, symbols and special functions. Anyone can play with them, but certain versions have some extra buttons with which it is convenient to become familiar before betting on real money.

Slot machines from all life

What is a fruits slot? Well, depending on who you ask, the answer can be very different. If you ask this question in Reno, you will tell you that it is a vintage slot, adapted to the times that run. Essentially in the United States, 5 rolls of 5 rollers and 20 pay lines, with symbols and special functions are considered, but which reproduce the appearance of an old slot.

However, in countries such as the United Kingdom or Australia, when they talk about fruit machines, they are referring to the typical slots that you can find yourself in the beach play salons or at the usual bars. Those who said that of "Avanza, one ..."

In Europe, what is known as fruit machines are more complex slots, in which the player needs to make decisions every few runs to continue with the game session. Summing up: With one of these you can not limit yourself to AutoSpin mode and you need some experience if you want to take out all the game.

Fruit Machines VS Classical slots

In appearance, fruit slot machines are very similar to Classic slots. This is because many retain the 3 rollers of victorian "bandits", but above all that for symbols they maintain traditional icons that characterized those machines in which they are inspired.

At first glance its aesthetics is classic, but otherwise they have a more complex interface and technology, which allows the player an interactive game experience. Let's see what they bring about classic games:

  1. To start, although there are 3 rollers., the normal thing is that they have 4 Drums, or more usually 5 rollers. If we talk about the games that follow the American model. That makes the prizes more frequent, something that substantially affects the rhythm of the game sessions and that with a bit of experience can be climbing! Let's say a classic slot is relaxing and does not require thinking, while one of fruits (especially in the European style) is at the opposite end.
  2. It is true that among normal symbols you will find the golden bells, the red beings and even the famous bar ... not to mention the fruits of those who take their name. But they also have other frequent special symbols in the video slots, such as scatters, wildcards and symbols of bonus, and even other specific ones.
  3. On the first screen they show the base game, but that is neither by far everything they contain. The most complex fruit machines include buttons so that before certain results the player can fix or "advance" rollers randomly or for a certain number of positions, and thus achieve a winning combination by their own merit.
  4. While classic games usually settle for a progressive boat as a single extra, the video slots with fruits always offer you mini games and special functions such as the option of setting, advancing or folding, and bonus rounds or free turns. For example one of the mini games that usually include the double or no bet preaching whether you will take a red or black stick card.

History of fruits slots

Before seeing one by one the meaning of each symbol, let us in context the history of the icons used since the beginning of the slots. The first slot machine was titled "Liberty Bell" and was created in California at the end of the 19th century.

It had a single line of payment with 3 rollers and only 5 symbols: horseshoes, diamonds, swords, hearts and bells. His success caused almost immediately, multiple imitators came out throughout the country.

To identify it directly as a game machine, your Inventor Charles Frey modified the symbols by changing them by letters. Subsequently, many other machines (increasingly complex) did the same. But at the beginning of the twentieth, some places banned bets for money, so that metallic prizes were changed by cigarettes, chewing gum and other things like that, while discarding the icons of the deck, replacing them by innocent fruits.

Meaning of symbols in old school slots.

  1. Golden Bell: It is based on the hood of freedom (which in the 18th century announced the United States Declaration of Independence and then also became a symbol of the abolitionist movement), and together with the diamond (which also has its own Slots) is the only symbol that survives from Frey's first machine. In the first designs he gave the highest prize.
  2. Fruits: With the prohibitions against the game, the slots offered gum of flavors or interchangeable chips by candy. Fruits like cherries, grapes, melon ... were indicative of the taste of the prize.
  3. Bar: drift from the name of a company called "Bell-Fruit Gum Company", which used these three letters to include its logo in the slots with edible prizes.
  4. Number 7: It appears in red or in another color, as a reference to one of the simple preferred luck in the roulette betting. Slots with retro aesthetics such as Cash Coaster and Candy Bars give tribute to him, to the bar and all the sugary rewards of the times of the prohibition.

Tricks for fruits slot

When you choose an online fruits slots you must bear in mind that there are different families of games encompassed under this name. With developer titles such as Netent, Playtech, IGT or Microgaming, it is normally that they are simple retro inspiration slots.

But when you play on pages of Australian, French, United Kingdom or Ireland operators, you can find you with online versions of lifelong slot. Keep in mind that they are more complex and require you to develop your skills, playing with free demos before betting.

If you have already tried luck before with a physical machine, you must consider online slots operate with a system of RNGs that causes combinations (and arrangement of rollers symbols) is random, not programmed. So although the functions for fixing rollers and moving forward or backing are very similar, they will not be fully equal.

To finish, if you go one step further and you dedicate yourself to comparing European and American style fruit machines, you will see that the percentages of RTP can be a little lower in the first ... in exchange we guarantee a lot more exciting game sessions, As soon as you have a little experience.