Video slots

From the first slots of the Victorian era, with its classic (and basic) 3-rollers and a single line, up to the digital era machines with 3D graphics, only a few hundred years have passed. And although currently the list of slots with adoat visual and technical effects is already very long, it does not seem that this snowball is going to stop soon.

Currently the video slots are the cream of the game of the online game. Even if you have never tried one, however discounted that you know any of the most famous: up to that point are part of the popular culture of our days.

On this page you can try free classic and latest generation video for free. At our Wide collection of slot machines You will enjoy free with the most popular games, those who have more exciting functions and also those that are more fun.

What is a video slot?

Actually it is about the scanned version of a traditional slot. They usually reproduce even their rollers and controls and buttons of all-life machines (although there are more and more innovative formats in which the symbols simply float).

They are usually compared to videogames, and to a great extent that is what they are, although they never lose all the characteristics of their previous physical versions at all. They work like any other game of chance, thank you software in charge of generating random combinations. This type of technology is known as RNG for its acronym in English.

The inexhaustible creativity of the video-slots

Some may think it is something pretentious, but if you know titles such as Apollo Rising or Triple GhostBusters Slime, you will surely agree with us when we affirm that there are online Slots that are authentic works of art.

What characterizes these and others of the videoLots preferred by most players? Of course, the possibility of taking a good pinch while enjoying a fun game session is always present.

But it is also that they are games capable of joining sense of humor, aesthetic references (or films) with maximum attention to detail and, of course, constant innovations in the functions of the base game and extras Why do you think some of the most famous Van around the sixth version, and up?

The best of the video slot universe:

  1. Like traditional slots, they are designed so that anyone who wants it can try their luck with them, without having to have previous experience or any other type of special knowledge
  2. Its digital format makes them have no limits as far as creative universes are concerned. There are all types, you can use any setting, and as for your functions ... Well, everything depends on the inspiration of studies that day.
  3. New titles arise every day. There are literally hundreds of thousands available, and the list continues to grow. Locating your favorite machine will not be easy, but you can spend very good time while trying new games.

Enjoy graphics and animations

The video Slots constitute the main typology of slots for all large of the game industry: IGT, Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, MGA, Novomatic ... Graphic design and animation departments are pretty children of the main studies. And there is a reason for weight for this to be that way.

If something characterizes the video Slots from birth already in the last century, it is that graphics and animations become an essential part of the game experience, do you imagine a day of the dead without a mariachis band celebrating your profits? Frankly unthinkable.

If you are one of those who are piring for the interactive games, which "you get" directly into the game, you will be interested in meeting the millennial sister of the video-slot: 3d slots. We have not been able to resist dedicating your own space on our page, take a look.

The kingdom of franchises of cinema, television, music ...

By its nature, this online game format is perfect for giving rise to the version in films of movies, television series and up to tribute to musical bands. Before we have mentioned the slot of the Ghostbases, with such success that it has given place at least three more versions.

Our advice is that, if you want to know what a perfect video slot can contribute, do not resist playing free parent. And if you are not a lover of franchise games, there is no problem: animated slot as Balloonies do not have a waste either.

What do the interactive functions provide?

Surely gold fever pioneers never thought that one of those machines known as "bandits of an arm" could reach the 7 rollers or the 243 pay lines. But they were other times. Now it's not just that we count with special symbols, is that thanks to the videosLots your attributes are more special than ever.

New technologies not only apply to the base game rollers, what to say about extra games, which now include interactive features? In games like CSI you can live your own episode, move from the scene of the crime to the laboratory, or even interrogate a detainee. By the way, if what you like are the plots of this kind, you should also try Black Widow: Without realizing you, you see you wrapped in a Hitchcock movie.

Live a complete audiovisual experience in each game session

Recognizing a good slot is simple: it is that kind of slot in which you start playing because you are attracted to you or the theme or prize (yes, there is also Video Slots Progressive), and you end up sticking to see the 6 additional games that are advertised on the Enter.

The slots of which we speak are conceived with a complete design, capable of transmitting the uncertainty before a crime, the socarrone personality of the protagonists or the mystical spirit of the native cultures of the Nevada desert. And at this point the sound effects are as important as images and animations.

Let's say that if you play in Autospin and without looking at the screen, you could know what is happening at every moment. Music and environmental noises enhance the feeling of reality and each of the events during the departure. That, and the prizes, is definitely what characterizes a game to which it is worth playing.