3D slot machines

Innovative functions and interactive games

A slot is considered interactive if it is imperative that the player makes decisions for the game to advance. Many games of chance, and particularly The classic slots Las Vegas style, they only require marques bet limits at the beginning of the session.

Then you can program the AutoSpin mode and from there the game runs before your eyes, without having to do nothing more than charge the profits. But with an interactive game that is not possible, because it requires that you select, discards, or even demonstrate your ability to certain challenges presented in the form of secondary games.

Exclusivity is another of the most frequent features in machines with 3D graphics: we refer to exclusive stories for their aesthetics and characters, but also about their special functions. Think that the 3D opens a door to certain areas of the creativity of the designers who until then had not been explored in the world of the slots.

Features of 3D games

The line between Virtual Reality and Video Slots is made particularly fine when we talk about Slots 3D: Slots that use high quality graphics and realistic animations to provide the game of a credible argument plot. Its objective is to bring the player's experience to another level.

In this equation, environmental sounds and sound musical effects play a very important role. Reinforce the thread of history encouraging each of the events, and also the sensations of the player before a prize, the possibility of accessing a boat progressive o Emotion for a next reward.

Convenience is the third of the concerns of slot developers with 3D graphics: Since they use more powerful software, capable of generating a small film for the game, they seek that their features also serve to play easier.

That is why many of the slots of this type have extra facilities such as language selection, the option to open a live chat to communicate during the session with other users of the game ...

How are the common slots different from those who are made in 3D?

In general, it can be said that a 3D slot tries to get one step beyond than a normal one, specifically an extra dimension. A good example is the hyperrealist peels of the game characters like Kitty Glitter. But leaving aside visual perception, the truth is that this kind of machines also highlight in other aspects.

The first of all of them is the content. That a game is in 3D does not guarantee that it will be good, but let's say that, already to invest a large number of hours and resources in the technical aspect, studies tend to worry about the characters and the script are up to height.

And the same happens with the controls, buttons and in general all the interface on which the player acts to handle the slot. So far we have referred to everything surrounding the base game, but also the slots with 3D graphics strive to strengthen their interactive appearance, which leads them to be full of screens with Bottomed Games.

3D pointers developers

In the last decade some of the main international brands specialized in the design of online slot, they have stood out on the rest in terms of quality and innovation of three-dimensional slots. The three best-known names are Netent, Playtech and Microgaming.

Specifically, the 3D titles of these studies are characterized by having animations at the same level as a virtual animation film. The comparison reaches the point that they have come to use popular childhood stories as inspiration for their slot.

When you play with one of these machines, experience is exceptional: you are literally inside the story. If you can get some hits, maybe not all players expect something like that when they look for an entertaining slot to hang out. Obviously the rhythm of the session is different, with all the positive and negative that it implies.

This has led to traditionally dedicated developers to design Slot for conventional casinos, such as unforgettable Lobstermania, They give their machines (and also to their online versions) of hyperreal graphics and animations.

Let's say it is an intermediate solution between the games of always and the last generation the result? Visually games so attractive with Cats o Pixies of the Forest, in which the rotation of the rollers is kept at a good pace and the dynamics of the game is still as exciting as always.

Requirements to be able to play with a 3D slot

Obviously, as for any other online slot, the first thing you need is a good Internet connection, and a device with which to connect to your account in the casino. But when it comes to games with a complex software, sometimes it is also necessary to meet other requirements:

  1. That the operating system of your phone (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry), Tablet or Computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) is compatible with the version of the game that the casino offers. The game experience changes from playing on a computer screen to a mobile or iPad. Because most phones have LCD screens showing much clearer graphics. In addition, there are currently smartphons that come prepared for you to activate the 3D effect while playing.
  2. In case it is necessary, you must download the game software before you can play. This is not always mandatory, but depending on the characteristics of your device, it may be advisable.
  3. If there is no download option, or it is not necessary, you will have to play directly from your browser. Verify that all browsers are compatible with the game and use those recommended by the casino operator in the instructions. So you will avoid possible failures during the session and any other problem.
  4. Many casinos give you the option to try the games before betting real money. This is very positive because it allows you to become familiar with the interface and when you decide to play with money you know what to expect.

What happens is that to have this last option most operators will ask you to register at the casino. If you are not yet thinking about playing with real money and you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the bonus for registration, on our page you have endless demos for play free tragamonas in Australian.