Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility Media

243 Crystal Fruits

Fruit slot machines are always a classic that all players value enormously. Since the beginning of the Slot Machine, the fruits symbols have starred thousands of machines around the world and creating classics. The creator of online slot machines Tom Horn Gaming brings an update of one of the world classics of casino games. And it is that the fruits, the 7 and the jackpot will never be fashionable.

243 Crystal Fruits, an updated classic for the 21st century

The online slot machines team We have to review hundreds of gambling every year and when we find a classic, we always look for what makes it different. In the case of 243 Crystal Fruits of Tom Horn Gaming, we are facing a simple machine, both for its game dynamics and by its graphics. Although the glass touch of the figures we love it, we believe that I could have had some in how much to graphics. Even so, it is a beautiful and colorful machine.

If we focus on the game dynamics, we have a 5 roll machine and only 5 prize lines. Just? Here comes one of the surprises of the slot machine: as the Wild symbols appear, the bet awards are progressively multiplying X1, X2, X3, X4 and X5. Thus we can convert the minimum bet of 0.05 credits at 0.25.

Despite this increase, the dynamics is very flat and, in the long run, you can bore not having incentives beyond the appearance of the Wild Figures, the only wildcard of this game. So do not expect or throw themselves for free, something we do find in other Tom Horn games, no extra games.

Our verdict over 243 Crystal Fruits

Despite the entertainment incentive that is the multiplier and that the dynamics is interesting especially for novel players, it is a slot machine without great bonuses or prizes. Although its design stands out on others, we would have liked to find more options, extras and bonus figures.

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