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RTP 96.64%
volatility Media

Adventure Trail

Aventure Trail is Reareston Gaming online slots produced for the online gaming giant playTech. It is an epic adventure by the jungle of the hand of an intrepid explorer in search of the great figure of the golden monkey, which will open the Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpot camera of this slot.

Live this adventure with Playtech in the best online casinos, but before: Read our honest review.

Adventure Trail of Rarestone Gaming: an epic adventure by the jungle

The first thing that caught us the attention of this slot is its aesthetic, which reminds us of the books of Choije your adventure that many of us had played with little ones. This graphic detail is not minor, because all this small large slot on line revolves around an adventure in which crocodiles, maps with hidden treasures, and, of course, the great golden monkey, our goal.

On the other side is the sound, with a sound composition somewhat strident for our taste, but that sure you will like some players who look for that casual air and nothing discreet from some online slots.

The dynamics of the game

Adventure Trail has a game screen of 5 rollers and 3 rows, the classic of this type of games, and a total of 30 prize lines. The prize lines can be formed with the actual figures (10. J, Q, K, a) whose awards range between the X1 the commitment of three equal figures and the X16 by five equal figures in a prize line; o With the thematic figures that, ordered from lower to the highest prize are, the compass, the binoculars, the crocodile and the browser. In this second group of figures the minimum prize is x2 the bet on three figures of the binoculars, up to X60 is committed to five figures of the browser.

If we focus on what we can get to bet on this online speech, we will find a minimum bet of 0.10 credits by 500 credits per run. The bet level also influences the 4 boats of the slot. Finally, we must highlight that according to Rarestone Gaming the return to the theoretical player is located at 96.64% and volatility is in the middle zone, which ensures small and more continued prizes.

Even so, the grace and interest of this game is at its extras and, of course, in being able to achieve one of the 4 boats.

Extras, bonuses and boats

Along with the prize figures in Adventure Trail we have three bonus figures, two ordinary and a very special.

The first ordinary bonus figure is wildcard. This figure represented by a map replaces all the symbols except the scatter and the monkey, the special figure. The wildcard will only make an appearance in the rollers 2 to 5.

The scatter is an award figure represented by the seaplane and, in addition to giving us a prize if 3, 4 or 5 times in a prize line, will open a free running round if a minimum of 3 times appears.

The most interesting bonus figure in the online slot Adventure Trail is the monkey, which functions as a special symbol that activates the RESPIN Fire Blaze function when mono symbols appear 6 or more. If they appear from 6 to 14 monkey symbols, three respi and the monkeys that have already appeared will be fixed in their position. If in stopping the machine a new mono symbol appears, this will be fixed and the respiration counter will return to 3.

After each respi, the figures of the monkeys can be grouped to form larger figures. That will happen when they are adjacent. When the game is finished, the different combinations of monkeys figures can allow us to achieve one of the 4 jackpots.

If you can fill out the 15 positions with monkey figures, you will achieve the Grand Jackpot that represents 2000x the bet. Instead, you can achieve mini, minor or major boats with the rest of the combinations of monkey figures. You can consult it in the section dedicated to more information in the slot.

Online slot Adventure Trail: Our verdict

It is undoubtedly a perfect adventure to take us to the goal, which is to find the great gold monkey of 15 positions. Without a doubt it is a perfect slot for those who seek the risk and emotion of great bets, to know they play to win and to achieve one of the 4 boats of this slot.

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