Slot review

RTP 96.08%
volatility Baja


The slots online Aurora is a small surprise of one of the creators of gambling for casinos that is most surprising us this 2020. Nothern Lights Gaming at Sorrows has 5 titles available, but it has left us an excellent impression and Aurora, another of His creations to premiere the new decade, is stepping up strong.

Our team of players has gone a long time with this online casino game and these are our impressions. Discover everything you should know about Nomenth Lights Gaming Lights Gaming Online Slots.

Slots Online Aurora: The Trolls Forest awaits you with prizes and surprises

At first sight Aurora is a normal and current slot, the classic thematic slot set in Nordic mythology ... or so we believed. With the first roll, surprises and fun begin, also in the graphic part. Aurora is very careful to the slightest detail. There is almost nothing at random: the animations are soft, the background is static but the fireflies that we see flying in the background give you the magic touch that this game requires and the music is adjusted as a glove to an operating dynamics that leaves Few doubts Aurora from Nothern Lights Gaming is a great slot that we are sure will take place in the best online casinos.

In the game dynamics, surprises follow. As we have said, it has a classic 5 × 3 configuration and a total of 30 possible prize lines. As for the figures we have 9 figures divided into two groups:

  • Real figures: the omnipresent J, Q, K and A, in the low area of prizes
  • Thematic Figures: The Four Masks of the Totems of Nordic Mythology the symbol of the game 'Aurora'

We must also add the Wild wildcard, which offers prizes if a minimum of three appears and a maximum of 5 times in a prize line.

The interesting part of this slot and as in almost all that we have analyzed, is on the extras. In Aurora are the usual ones, but with a magical touch that a study like Nothern Lights Gaming has wanted to take its own name in this sector.

The first is wildcard WILD, which may appear in several ways. The first one has commented on it: a W that replaces any prize figure. But to appear, the 'random bonus' mode should be activated. When this happens, you will see that the wind spins all the figures discovering the Wild Figures behind. When they stop spinning, wildcards will replace figures in possible prize lines. But there is more.

A stone troll can also appear occupying 1, 2 or 3 roller boxes and acting as a joker. But there is more. If this stone troll or wildfields w take up vertically the entire central roller, the free run function will be activated in which the Trolls will charge their own life.

The animated troll can move from the central roller to any roller left or right or divide into two randomly. If during the free rolls, another stone troll appears occupying a vertical roller, another animated troll will appear, up to a maximum of 4. When the free runs are completed, a multiplier on the prize will be applied.

Slot Machine Online Aurora: Our verdict

Nothern Lights Gaming is stepping with strength and desire and it is not for less. Your first available slots combine good graphics and sound, with a good game dynamics. Aurora stands out for everything described. Undoubtedly, this creator of online gambling aspires to be one of the references in slot of the year.

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