Slot review

RTP 95.55%
volatility Media

Big Ben

London is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in Europe and possibly from the world. The creator of Aristocrat random gaming brings us the Big Ben, set with the most important icons of the Thames capital.
A slot of 2014 that Aristocrat has recovered from its catalog adapting it to the HTML5 programming language, which allows it to be used from any mobile device or PC.

Big Ben Aristocrat online slot: A trip through the capital of the Thames

In the first part of our online reviews we speak of the technical, visual and sound part, assessing all the details. In the case of Big Ben, we are facing a slot for 2014 that was originally programmed in Flash and that has been adapted to the most modern times and the technical needs of the moment.
Big Ben is not a remarkable slot in the graphic or sound aspect. In 2014 it was basic online slot and today it is still simpler. The graphics are very righteous and the sound is a sound scheme that reminds those of machines of the 80s.

Game dynamics

A classic aristocrat slots like this has all the ingredients of the slot of the first half of the 2010, when online casinos did not have the spectacularity of current slots.
Thus, with 5 rollers and 3 rows and 11 prize figures 2 bonus figures. The prize figures of the base game are the following:

• Real figures: traditional 9, 10, j, Q, k and a
• Thematic figures: The Tavern poster, street lamp, telephone booth, bus, union jack and crown of the empire, in the high band of prizes.

We can achieve prizes from 2 figures '9', which is the lowest prize of the machine, up to 30000x if we achieve 5 wildcards Wild on a prize line.

Extras and bonuses

Big Ben slot incorporates two bonus figures that are also prize figures if they appear in a prize line. The Wild Wilder is the figure of the Beefeater, the famous Royal Guard of the Buckinghnam Palace. The wildcard replace all figures except the scatter, represented by Big Ben.
The figure of Big Ben also grants a prize if a minimum of 2 appears and a maximum of 5 times in a prize line. If a minimum of 3 times appears we will enter a round of free runs:

• With 3 figures of Big Ben we will receive 15 Free Shots
• With 4 Big Ben figures we will receive 20 free runs
• With 5 figures of Big Ben we will receive 25 free spins

All the prizes achieved during the free runs will receive a multiplier of X2.
In the event of the figure of Big Ben alone appears in any position of the rollers 1 to 5, the Big Ben function will be launched. We will listen to the bells of the most famous watch in the world, depending on the bells received, which will be from 1 to 12, we will receive a multiplier for the award received.

• With 1 bell we will receive a multiplier x2
• With 2 bells we will receive x4
• With 3 bells we will receive x6
• With 4 bells we will receive x8
• With 5 bells we will receive x10
• With 6 bells we will receive x12
• With 7 bells we will receive X14
• With 8 bells we will receive x18
• With 9 bells we will receive X18
• With 10 bells we will receive x20
• With 11 bells we will receive x25
• With 12 bells we will receive X200

Online slot Big Ben de Aristocrat: Our verdict

The interesting thing about bringing the current catalog Slots from the first half of the 2010 is being able to see how the casinos were then, but also how the technique has evolved. Big Ben is a good and interesting slot machine but that has been totally outdated.
Despite everything, the game dynamics have the right emotion point while we wait for the Big Ben of the time and the multiplier.

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