Slot review

RTP 95.5%
volatility ALTO

Big Buffalo

Big Buffalo is one of the slots of the Skywind Group catalog with considerable success in the Nordic countries. In Slotjava, we do not like to fail you, so we've got you able to play Big Buffalo for free here with us.

The numbers of this slot

This slot presents us six rollers of four heights each and a total of 4096 ways to win because there are no payment lines proper, but it is enough for the symbols to appear on adjacent rollers from left to right.

The minimum bet is of a penny that has to be played obligatorily by 40 coins, that is, 40 cents of total bet, and the maximum of 8 euros and 320 euros respectively. The RTP is 95.5%, which places this game below average.

Special functions

The wildcard can appear on the rollers from 2 to 6 and is replaced by the rest of the symbols minus the FREE GAMES.

The symbol of Free Games can appear on the rollers from 3 to 6. The number of free runs, depends on the number of Free Games symbols that appear. They will be 8 free slapped by 3 symbols, 15 Shots by 4 Symbols, 25 Shots by 5 Symbols and Attention! 100 Free Shots If 6 Symbols come out.

During the free rolls, extra runs can be obtained: 5 Shots If the symbol comes out twice, 8 if it comes out 3, 15 if it comes out 4, 25 if it comes out and another 100 if it comes out 6.

In addition, the wildcard includes a multiplier that can be x2 or x3.

The design - a good sample of the American fauna

The first thing we come across when opening this game is music. Even if it is a game based more in North America than Central America, the truth is that music reminds enough to the folklore of the Andes with their features flutes. Background, we will hear the steps of the buffaloes and the noises of some animals.

Regarding visual ambience, the game is framed in a desert landscape with little vegetation. In the rollers, you will see buffalos, eagles, wolves, foxes and mountain cats.

It is a solvent design that does not disappoint, although it is not no work of art either.

The awards

The highest prize of the base game is achieved with six buffaloes and is X300 your commitment to currency. Six eagles or six wolves pay x250 and the same number of foxes or mountain cats x200.

The greatest potential is in the accumulation of prizes that you can get to get if you are lucky enough to get 100 free throws and then during these you grant you another 100 extra.

Big Buffalo view

On this occasion we are facing a slot that the most attractive thing you have is the number of free runs, as it is clear that a considerable total prize can be achieved in 100.

Beyond that, it is not a slot that stands out for nothing, but it fulfills in all aspects. A good game that will not happen in history.

Do you want to try it? You can play Big Buffalo for free right now!

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