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RTP 97.04%
volatility Media

Big Red

Do you want a trip to Australia without moving from the living room? Now with the online BIG scan of the creator of Australian Austrakrat online gaming. A game that is not precisely new and that has been updated by the company so you can play from any device.
Join us in the honest review of the Free Slot Big Red of Aristocrat

Slots Online Big Red Aristocrat: where the great red kangaroo is the king

Technology has advanced a lot in all these years. That is undoubted. In the case of BIG Network it is evident in the first moment. Launched in 2011, it practically 10 years ago, we can not expect the technical virgeries of today, but as we have indicated in different slot reviews that Aristocrat has rescued from the fund of the catalog of it, we would have liked a review of certain aspects.
Vista with today's eyes, BIG network from Aristocrat is a simple slot until it is enough. Both in graphics and in sound scheme there is practically nothing remarkable. Playing Big Network is to take a look at the world of online slots for a while that today we find something distant.

Dynamics of the game

This game consists of a game screen of 5 rollers for 3 rows with 9 prize figures and two extra figures. In Big Red we have 5 prize lines, only five, and we can make bets from 1 to 5 rows and betting from 0.20 to 20 credits per line, setting the maximum bet on 100 credits per run.
The prize figures are divided into the two usual groups. The real figures in the lowest prizes and the thematic figures represented by the great animals of Australia. Ordades of lower than higher are the Dingo, the eagle, the Australian boar and the marine crocodile, which represents the highest prize of this slot if we manage to join 5 equal figures in a prize line.
In the base game, every time we look a prize we can play it twice or nothing. By pressing the 'Gamble' button we will enter a card game in which we must select black or red. If when the letter is discovered is the color we have selected, bend and we will continue playing until we retire, something we can do at any time, or if a letter that is not the selected color is discovered. Then we will lose everything.
Regarding the return to the player, we must emphasize that this online slot is high volatility and its return to the player is located above 97%.

Extras and bonuses

In this online slot we can find two bonus figures: wildcard WILD and scatter. The wildcard WILD, which appears as the kangaroo, is the one that allows to replace all the figures in a prize line, but it is also the one that throws the 5 function of 5 free runs.
During the free runs the scatter, represented as a tree, will generate the same amount of prizes as the line that has launched the original function, but leaving the scatter figures. During the free shooting game if more wild wildcards appear, free runs will be accumulated until they run out.
During the base game the scatter is a more prize figure.

Online slots Big Red: Our verdict

After 10 years it is interesting to recover some titles that we know they were popular at the time. Big Red had its moment of glory and today, despite the goodwill of Aristocrat, it is a slot more with a playing dynamic something scounded considering its simplicity.

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