Slot review

RTP 96.47%
volatility Media

Black Hawk Deluxe

This video slot is inspired by zombies' dark imaginary that seek the richness hidden in the castle, this video slot is loaded with a macabre style but full of prizes for the brave players who dare to play it.

In a 4 × 3 format it has 54 fixed pay lines where you can win up to 600X the value of your bet!

The background of the game shows a scene in which two skeletal soldiers are walking towards the castle. In the background the dark castle and the reels deployed to the front showing symbols with very detailed graphics and of the highest quality.

Creepy symbols:

Among the symbols we find the black hawk that rewards you with the greater payment, followed by the dark castle, then the trunk with the jewelry, the castle entrance, a skeletal soldier, and the low payment symbols represented by the letters: Q, J, A, K.

Dark functions for all:

Among the functions we find special symbols such as wildcards. He is represented by the white magic orbit, and his power extends up to 4 reels.

WAZDAN adds in its games some exclusive functions such as the modification of the level of volatility of your games by players, as well as the adjustment of the speed at which the reels rotate. You have 3 options (turtle speed, hare or chita), and you also have the unique WAZDAN bet function. In this function players can access a round of selection to choose to duplicate their profits with just one click. At normal speed, options are 2 levers to open the main gate of the castle where skeletal zombie soldiers are retained. When you hit the lever it will open a gate on the floor so that the soldiers fall. By clicking on the wrong lever then the gate will not open and the zombies will jump direct on you. When you play in high speed mode, then you must choose between 2 colors (red or black) to guess the color of the letter that is on its own. 7 These are the opportunities to duplicate your profit.

In this game there is also the Megawin bonus feature, in which you can access the Powerful Black Hawk Award: 600 times the value of your bet.

If you are looking for a game that puts your hairs on tip while you get bet big, this title will make you spend a pleasant time.

You can access the demo version completely free and safe in where you can also find many other titles of great theme variety.

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