Slot review

RTP 96.16%
volatility Media

Butterfly Lovers

This video slot is inspired by an ancient Chinese legend that has the tragic story of two lovers who can not consecrate their love.

Distributed in 4 × 4 has 16 fixed pay lines and the possibility to reach up to 1600x the value of your bet, love is generous, huh?

A legend converted into play:

Game background is a landscape in the middle of the mountains in China, a beautiful and relaxing landscape with a traditionally Asian music with classic oriental music instruments with pretty nice ropes and sounds.

On the left we see Liang Shanbo (the boy) and the right side to Zhu Yingtai (the girl), both are delicately represented with a fairly equanimous face and their clothes sway as if a continuous breeze was happening. Each of the lovers is represented by a butterfly.

On both sides of the board we will find a small matrix where the butterfly symbols are located (blue for him and pink for her).

Each turn is accompanied by interesting animations. At all times the game maintains an atmosphere of movement and life, for example, each twist with winning combinations is followed by a reverence of lovers.

Romantic symbols and functions:

The blue and pink butterfly represent the greater payment symbols, followed by the gem of jade, the lotus flower, the pomegranate and, finally, the symbols of low payment: a, k, q, j.

The wildcard symbol is represented by the couple (finally together) and the word "Wild".

Among the special bonus functions such as the free spins of Liang Shanbo and the free spins of Zhu Yingtai.

Liang SHANBO turns are activated when the left matrix is filled with 16 blue butterflies. When completed, the next turn with 5 butterflies will be able to access 16 free spins.

During the round, the symbols of wildcard that terrice will remain blocked until the end of the round to ensure better combinations.

Zhu Yingtai turns are equally activated with 16 symbols of pink butterflies by completing the table on the right. 16 free spins come on where you can get your bet multiply by 16x.

The bonus of the magic sac is that every time this symbol appears in the game, it will be added to the upper metronome until it is complete. Once completed 8 free spins will be activated where you can multiply your earnings exponentially.

This game also has the Special Mega Win function where you can achieve up to 1600x the value of your bet.

In the case of a WAZDAN game we will find some special functions such as the possibility of players to modify the level of volatility of the game and also, the modification of the speed of rotation of the reels.

When you opt for the exclusive selection round of Wazdan, you can choose between 2 tombs (a bit dramatic). If you choose the right you will see that the tomb breaks halfway and lets out 2 butterflies. If you choose the incorrect the tomb breaks and nothing will come out. Legend tells that when the lover died, the girl collapsed over the grave and dies. After this tragic event two butterflies fly from the tomb and from there the origin of the name "Los Amantes Butterfly" What is exciting?

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