Slot review

RTP 96.07%
volatility ALTO

Combat Masters

The online slot combat masters is more than just a simple slot is an adventure game where luck awaits us while we travel from one kingdom to another. Skywind, a little-known online gaming creator surprised us this summer of 2023 with a game for superlative, immense and what we wanted to analyze everything to bring everything you should know before enjoying it in the best online casinos .

Online Slots Combat Masters: The Way of the Winner Hero and Fortune

There are bad, boring, good, regular, excellent, spectacular slots and then Combat Masters. A totally original game, no doubt that it is one of the revelations of the year and that for both its aesthetics and by its game dynamics, will not leave anyone indifferent.

After a video of introduction of the game in which we are shown what awaits us, we find a game of impeccable graphics and a climbing music that will accompany us along the game. If all this is little, each world is represented by a decoration. The initial is of the marine phone, in which we are on the cover of a sunken pirate ship.

The dynamics of the game

We recognize it: At first the game seems very complex and it must be said that the learning curve is somewhat higher than in other games. What can not be denied is originality.

This game is divided into play screens by levels that we will go through as we achieve prizes and we managed to overcome our enemies. Each game screen is divided into two parts. On the bottom a game screen of 7 rollers for 5 rows in which we will receive a prize if we join a minimum of 5 equal figures. There are a total of 6 game figures ordered by colors: white, blue, pink, lilac and red. The minimum prize is x15 the bet for 5 equal figures of white and a maximum of X200000 by +20 figures of red, fire. So far, a normal and current dynamic of a cascade type candids candy crush.

The upper part is combat. There are a total of 8 worlds:

  • Seabed
  • Mechanica
  • Jungle
  • Volcano
  • Floating Islands
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Canyon land
  • Polaris, the frozen world

Each of these worlds has 6 levels that we will go through as we defeat our adversaries. There are a total of 19 adversaries whose level of difficulty is increasing. To overcome them and be able to pass from level we must chain victories in the slot and horn a blow with the sword that will be stolen from life. When the opponent is defeated by KO, we will pass to the next level. On the contrary, if we throw and do not get a prize our adversary will attack us recovering life. The strongest blows can be advised with a victory higher than 25x the bet. Overcome 7 enemies, we will go to the next world achieving one of the bonus functions. If you can overcome the 8 worlds, you will have at your disposal all extra functions and you will earn a master's level.

The bets on this original slot ranges from the minimum of 1 credit per run to 200 credits per run. The volatility of this slot is medium, its theoretical RTP being 96.07%.

Extras and bonuses

The complex part of this game is found in the bonuses, which are enough and that we are going to try to explain upwards.

The first is the glass bridge. When we managed to complete a world we will have to choose between different crystals to achieve a prize. You will have two extra opportunities to choose another crystal and change your prize for another, but always staying with the last one you have discovered. Follow the tips of the magician to optimize your prize.

WILD wildcards do not appear in this game as a figure, if not as a bonus that is activated every time we achieve 16 or more award-winning symbols. In Wild there are 3 levels:

  • From 16 to 31 awarded symbols: We achieve 3 wildcards
  • From 32 to 54 awarded symbols: We achieve 5 wildcards
  • With more than 55 awarded symbols: We achieve 10 jokers

The wildcards will always be placed in the way it is easier to achieve prize.

Finally, each of the worlds has a function that will be randomly launched in plays in which it has not award. Every time we spend the world, a new one that will accompany us all the game will be added to our functions collection. The functions are:

  • Paint bucket: Transform all the symbols of one color into another. It appears on level 3 seabed
  • Rayo: it is launched from the 4 corners converting different symbols into the same. It appears on level 2 of mechanics.
  • SuperNova: It explodes all adjacent symbols in a 4 × 4 frame allowing new prize symbols to fall. It appears on level 3 of the jungle.
  • Wild Tornado: Reordinate all the symbols wherever it passes. It appears on level 4 of the volcano
  • Giant pump: Choose 2 random colors and erase all the symbols of those colors. Available from level 2 of floating islands
  • Magic flash: transform up to 10 random symbols into identical symbols. Available from level 3 of the enchanted forest
  • Dynamite: exploits 3-5 lines in vertical or horizontal creating new spaces for new figures. Available from level 4 of cannon land
  • Lava ball: Burn up to 9 random symbols, creating space for other symbols to fall. This process is repeated from 2 to 4 times. Available from Polaris level 2.

Slot Online Combat Masters: Conclusions

We are facing a slot with WOW effect: Wow for its graphics, for its originality, for its random bonus functions and WOW because it has not been too difficult to achieve prizes. Of course: in being of low volatility, we have achieved small but recurrent prizes. Without a doubt a slot that we must try and that we need to recommend as one of the best of 2023.

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