Slot review

RTP 96.51%
volatility ALTO

Congo Cash

This video slot is inspired by the imaginary of the jungle, and although its symbols are wild animals, the development of this game is the most sophisticated.

The musical background is about natural sounds typical of the jungle. This includes grungy grunts, elephant barges, and songs of different animals. When spinning the reels sounds a slight musical background with tropical percussion and melodies.

At the best Style of Pragmatic Play this game has an innovative distribution. Reels have a 4 × 5 format, offering 432 fixed pay lines and up to a maximum multiplier of 2200 X.

Table of Payments and Symbols of the Game:

The greater payment symbol is represented by the gorilla, which rewards you appearing two, three, four to five times. It follows the cheetah, the mandrel, the bat, the red-eyed frog, and finally, the low payment symbols represented by the letters A, K, Q, J and the number 10. The wildcard symbol is represented by a Diamond, and replaces everyone but the scatter. This symbol can appear on the number two reels, three, four, five.

Special bonus functions:

At the top of reels number two, three and four, some jewels appear randomly. In each of the rounds they will be changed from the top. These jewelry can have prizes as the value of the prize between 5x and 200 x of the total bet value.

There are fixed prize values of 25 x the value of the bet for the Minor Award, 100 x for the Major Prize, and 2000 X for the Grand Award.

Among the special symbols we find that of the butterfly, which only appears on the number one and five reel, and the symbol of the game title "Congo Cash", which only appears in the number two reels, three and four.

When you get two symbols of the butterfly in the reels 1 and 5 with at least one symbol of Cash Cash on the rollers 2, 3 and 4, you can get the value of the jewel at the top of the Cash Symbol Reel. But quiet that you can get collection up to three times the jewel in the same round.

Free spins are activated by collecting at least one free game jewel. During the round you can ensure at least a wildcard in each of the rounds from which the jewel was collected.

If you prefer the games of the realistic type, inspired by the wild world, this game will captivate you with your graphics and your game dynamics.

Access and plays this and very safe, and many other titles to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

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