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RTP 97.25%
volatility Media

Dragon Auto Chess

Digital slot machines are increasingly approaching the latest fashions of videogames to be inspired by original and addictive rules and environmentals. It is the case of Dragon Auto Chess, one of the latest developments of the Veteran Dreamtech in which the figures of the famous board game take the board and fill it with bonus, prizes and surprises.

Get ready for the most epic battles about the scales in this honest review of Dragon Auto Chess.

Online Slots Dragon Auto Chess, Check The Dragon

Before talking about the details of this original slot let's take a quick look at what is a self chess or auto battler game. It is strategy games in which the player places on a board the figures of him in the place specified. Once this is done, the battle / departure is developed automatically until giving with the winner.

This curious system has been adapted very freely at Dragon Auto Chess, and is that as a good slot machine, the positioning of the figures is always random. However, it applies some of these rules in Bonus mode. Something we will see later in this analysis.

To begin with, let's talk about the first impression, we are facing a slot with a first level audiovisual design. A very well-worked background generates the board in front of a castle as a field of siege, from the castle we only see the wall in which some characters appear. On the board, the figures fall as if they were positioned. They are perfectly animated, as well as the funds and are accompanied by sound effects and a very cheerful and fun music.

The rules of the base game are very simple, we are facing a cascade type game with 5 "rollers" of which 3 rows are displayed. On this Grid of 5 × 3 generates 243 prize lines, each time at least 3 figures from the left form one of these lines, a prize is achieved and these disappear, falling more figures that can generate other prizes by achieving multipliers. The game table is composed of the following figures:

  • 4 low-value thematic figures represented by different types of medieval fantasy weapons.
  • 5 Themed figures of high average value formed by warriors, archers, magicians, paladins and at their highest value, the king.
  • 1 Wild or wildcard that can replace any symbol except the scatter or bonus
  • Dragon-shaped scatter

When 3 or more scatter figures appear, it is entered into free-run mode. This mode does not end until certain conditions are met. A number appears on each soldier, as well as an indicator bar with up to 16 positions. Every time the king appears he battle against the dragon, this means that each type of soldier loses a unit, if a battle is begun with the indicator to 0 or 16 the king is the one who battle, being able to access the accumulated booty prize or not . These rules make it during these freely unlimited strips a certain tension is generated by accumulating the maximum of soldiers figures to remove the best booty into the final battle.

The game has a pretty high RTP, 97.25% although the prizes are not excessively high, being a maximum of 400 times the value of the bet, this goes from 0.35 units at 350, a very high bet.

Dragon Auto Chess, our opinion

While we are facing a slot for online casinos with very good presentation and some very original features in their free-running design, their rules in the basic game sin to be too simple and can become something boring. Fortunately, the return of it and that mode of battle against the dragon save it from being one more and gives it personality and some interest.

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