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RTP 96.86%
volatility Media

Dragon Bond

One of the surprises that Playtech had us reserved for this summer is called Dragon Bond. This slot drinks of Asian inspirations: legends, dragons and other mythological creatures of the region.

It's not the only one slot With theme inspired by Asia, Playtech has launched in recent times. Recall, for example, Wo Long, Ways of the Phoenix or Coin! Coin! Coin! This launch at the moment is not available in the Australian casinos, but we are beginning to be in the coming weeks.

In this case, the design of the machine is a pagoda in violet tones with lanterns that are reflected in calm waters. Music, on the other hand, does not accompany the subject of this game, but it reminds us enough to Mario Bros..


The arrangement is quite traditional, with six rollers, four rows and fifty lines of payment. The return for the player is relatively high for the average of this type of game and amounts to almost 97%. The volatility of this machine is, however, quite low.

As for special functions, we can highlight the Wild Connect. When we obtain several wildcards in non-adjacent rollers, all the symbols that are among them will also become wildcards. For a screen full of wildcards we will obtain the Dragon Bonus, which will multiply our Best X250.

The symbol of Scatter It is a temple. In order to take advantage of its advantages, we will have to get them from coming consecutively from the first roller. If we get three, we will receive 10 free rolls; With four, we will have 15; With 5, we will have 25, and if we get six in total, we will take 50 free spins.


This new launch of Playtech leaves us a little cold. On the one hand, its design is beautiful and seems very careful. However, neither the image effects nor sounds are especially immersive or surprising. We are especially disappointed by the musical aspect, which does not house too well with the image of the game: tents, temples, lotus flowers, butterflies, dragons ...

On the other hand, the game mode of Dragon Bond is quite traditional. Not bad, but it is simply not innovative. Yes, it has seemed interesting the Wild Connect function, which gives a little more emotion to a slot with a high return to the player but with a pretty low volatility.

It's okay, it's not the type of machine you'll look like to make you rich, but the truth is that not all users of Slots They seek to be millionaires from one day to the next. To have a good time and take some coins to your pocket, it is a good option.

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