Slot review

RTP 95.19%
volatility ALTO

Dragon Emperor

If you liked the Double Happian slots you will love the Dragon Emperor online slot of Aristocrat. With a very similar oriental theme and a game dynamic based on 243 chances of winning by Shot, Aristocrat recovers one of the most popular titles of his catalog of gambling launched at the beginning of the previous decade, adapting it so that you can play from any Mobile device or computer.

Slots Online Dragon Emperor de Aristocrat: The luck of the great dragon

How many oriental slots fit in the same casino? We ask ourselves that question since there are many online slots that bet on this topic. The market niche is something saturated and Aristocrat has recovered some titles from the years 2012 to 2016, among which this theme stands out.

The idea of fattening the catalog of games is good, but if no adaptation is made along the way, such as also updating your graphics, animations and sound, we run the risk that a good game has an outdated aesthetic. It does not help the lack of ambient sound, absence of sounds or animations, which are limited to being simple blinks.

Dynamics of the game

The important thing in online slots like Dragon Emperor in the end is always the dynamics of the game. Here we will meet a game board of 5 rollers for 3 rows and a total of 243 chances of winning.

In Dragon Emperor we must make combinations of 3, 4 or 5 equal figures. In total we have 8 figures: the traditional real figures, which are 4 and low prizes, and 4 theme figures of higher prizes. Specifically, with 3 figures 'J' you will get 5x the bet and with 5 equal figures of the sage yellow dress, we will obtain 1000x the bet.

On betting you must keep in mind that they are always at the 243 chances of winning and you can regulate the total bet, from 0.01 credits on the total betting, which makes a minimum of 0.30 per hand, up to the maximum of 0.20 credits At the 243 possibilities that make a total of 6 credits per run. A very low bet for some players who seek to find more emotion in large bets and risk.

Bonuses and Extras in Dragon Emperor

This online slot has some extra options in the base game. The first is the dragon roller. It is possible that during the base game and randomly 3 dragons appear on the 5th roller. When that happens and if we have not achieved award, all rollers change positions to try to throw a prize.

The Wild wildcard, which replaces all the prize figures, except to the scatter. The scatter, on the other hand, if it appears 3, 4 or 5 times will open a round of 7, 10 or 15 free runs with the same rules that the base game.

Slot Machine Online Dragon Emperor: Our verdict

A 2014 slot facilities that has not been minimally adapted to modern animated standards, in a fairly saturated niche has little chance of highlighting. Even so, if you like quick runs or short and low-risk games, Dragon Emperor is possibly a good slot with which to start.

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