Slot review

RTP 94.31%
volatility Media

Enchanted Eyes

Play in Enchanted Eyes is to look in the eyes to fortune. Here, we talk about this slot developed by Ainsworth and based on an attractive Arab luxury atmosphere with the look of a beautiful lady included.

The numbers of Ainsworth

This slot has a low RTP of only 94.31% and, for many, that is enough reason to not bet on an online casino. However, as with us you can play free Enchanted Eyes, you do not have to worry about that detail.

The game is based on a five-roller panel, three heights and 25 pay lines, which only contemplate from left to right. The minimum bet per run is one euro and the maximum of 40.

You will be waiting for you to look into your eyes - Special game functions

The most important symbol is that of an Arab princess who looks directly at you. This princess is the wildcard and replaces all the symbols minus the scatter and the bonds. She can appear on the rollers from 2 to 5.

The bonus may appear superimposed on any symbol, but only appears on the rollers from 2 to 4. When three bonus symbols appear randomly between the mini jackpots (60 euros), minor (€ 200) and Major (€ 600) .

There is another jackpot, in fact it is the highest, called Grand (€ 30,000) that can be earned, well randomly or getting 15 scatters in the Big Hit function or Extra Bonus Big Hit.

To enter the Big Hit function, you need to get 6 scatters. In it, you are granted three free kicks. The scatters are kept in position, so that if they go out more, you will have an option to win the Jackpot Grand.

All these special prizes, compensate a bit of RTP. The possibility of getting them, generates enough interest while you play.

The design - Welcome to the Middle East

This slot offers us a palatial setting compliant with the stereotype we have from the Middle East. Background, a starry sky and some palm trees, as if the palace were in the middle of an oasis.

The symbols are an Arab princess, or rather his gaze, a pyramid that is the scatter, different jewels of exotic aspect and the French deck of 9 to ace.

There is no music and the sound effects do not contribute to the setting of the slot.

The awards

Apart from the already mentioned Grand Jackpot of € 30,000 and the minor bonus jackpots, the basic game awards can reach up to 8 times your bet. During special functions, it increases twice or a little less.

They are not spectacular prizes. The striking thing about this slot, are the jackpots, without them, it is not very worth it.


It is not a bad slot, but it needs to be more generous. The variance is average, so in addition to winning little, you do not do it very often. We believe that the concept of Storyline is interesting, but the game is not very successful.

In any case, you can play free Enchanted Eyes on this same page.

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