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RTP 96.16%
volatility Media

Epic Legends

Evoplay, one of the most active developers today in the creation of gambling for online casinos, launched this March 2022 an ideal slot for those who feel nostalgia for those videogames to collect monsters. EPIC Legends is your digital scan proposal inspired by the famous Pokémon, but with a very particular touch.

If you have been curious to know what the "collectible" legendary creatures can bring to a slot, continue reading this honest review that we have prepared for you after a long and arduous hunting experience. Epic Legends awaits you with many prizes and very striking rules.

Epic Legends, capturing monsters and prizes

The first thing that catches you from Epic Legends is his electronic music of a 90 video game, a theme with a lot of rhythm and a melody that will be stuck for a long time. His futuristic atmosphere, almost cyberpunk, gives him a very special air. There is even a very marked effect of screen defects such as the scan lines of tube screens. A game that shows in its artistic section a non-habitual cohesion and a very high level, with all kinds of animated details that confer a lot of life in the background and the board.

But the best of Epic Legends resides in its rules of play, as it contains some very original elements that make it very exciting. The base on which your gameplay is supported is the usual one screen with 5 rollers and 3 rows. In this board you can achieve prizes if at least 3 matching figures of those that appear on the rollers are over one of the 20 lines of prize, always from left to right.

In this simple board, 4 types of figures are shown in the usual strips:

  • 4 low-value thematic figures with the French shovels and with prizes of 0.1x to 8x the value of the bet.
  • 4 Thematic figures of high value in the form of monsters in its base form. Its prizes vary from X5 to X50.
  • WILD, a wildcard that appears on any roller and can replace any figure of the previous ones.
  • Scatter Ball, a kind of Pokéball that may appear on the screen on the first roller and activate the free shooter mode.

When the scatter appears in the first roller, we will access a series of runs in which this figure that is fixed in a row goes on each roll to the next roller, until passing through the 5. If a symbol appears in one of these runs High value in the same roller that the scatter marks, we will catch one of the Epic Legends.

By catching one of the monsters, we will access a mode of 7 free rolls with different rules depending on legendary we have trapped:

  • The legendary violet active multipliers randomly in each award-winning shot, from X2 to X6 with respect to the value of the award achieved in that roll.
  • The legendary green expands the Wild Figures that appear on a roller, making it occupy the 3 rows.
  • The legendary blue converts the WILD that appear in figures set, that is, that they remain in that position during the rest of the free runs.
  • The legendary red changes all symbols on 2 or 3 adjacent rollers in a single random symbol.

With all these rules of free and re-rolls of the scatter we can choose (as long as we bet the maximum value of 100 coins) to a grand prize of 151,575 coins. Although the great prizes will see them quite spaced in time and is that the volatility of this game is in an average value. Your RTP is very common, from 96.16% ensure quiet games.

Epic Legends, should I capture the monsters?

We are facing a very competent online slot, with mechanics that stand out for their fun and some more than profitable prizes. Its graphic and music section get caught almost as much as your charismatic monsters do.

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