Slot review

RTP 96.44%
volatility Media

Fenix Play Deluxe

If there is something of the Wazdan games that fascinates many players is the game environment that they achieve when combining graphics with animations and sounds, it is precisely the audiovisual experience that envelops us what attracts us to certain games. In this case, even dealing with a fairly simple slot, of only 3 reels and 5 pay lines, we feel the wind that blows and a relaxing music, with a bird that trine (the phoenix).

Fire that burns to give life:

The Fénix bird represents a symbol of restless transformation, from the fire that consumes it becomes ash and ash is born again.

With this great message of perseverance and resilience, this slot offers us a game to try patiently and with a quick dynamic, like fire.

Aesthetically the game has yellow and orange colors (because fire is the scene of this mythical bird that is reborn from the ashes), and is presented in a 3 × 3 format has 5 pay lines and the possibility of reaching 75 times The value of your bet.

The symbols are quite classic in terms of game: we will find stars as a major payment symbols, then the legendary number seven of luck, watermelons, grapes, bells, oranges and plums, cherries and lemons.

Elemental functions:

The game has some special bonus features such as the Mega Win, which allows players to reach 75x the value of their bets.

In addition, in the case of Wazdan, it offers some exclusive features in its games. For example, players can modify the level of volatility of the game, as well as adjust the speed at which the reels rotate.

However, the preferred function by many players is the special selection round that is activated when there has been some winning combination and offers players the opportunity to instantly duplicate their bets. Clearly, they must first hit 7 times in a special selection round. It will be shown 2 lots of ashes, when you hit the correct ash, you will see reborn the Fénix bird and add a point to your round of 7. By achieving the 7 successes, then your bet will double on the spot.

If you are looking for a simple and quite regular game in terms of gain levels, this slot could allow your experience to develop and take your play of play in a pleasant, simple and safe context.

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