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RTP 96%
volatility Media


The mafia is done with the city and in a fighting without fortune between families and police you must make you with power, or at least with the prizes, in The Slotfather Part II, a slot machine available in online casinos since 2017. This developed machine Betsoft brings us interesting bonus systems and a maximum prize that will cause more than one war on the streets.

Prépare to take hand from the most truculent businesses at The Slotfather Part II, we will help you better understand how this works from the family.

Online slots The Slotfather Part II, a fight for power and, of course, money

The Slotfather Part II is a very special digital slot, it does not hide its most obvious inspiration at all, but it manages to have a very clear personality very clear at the graph. It makes use of 3D modeling that give a very particular aspect, something dirtier than usual and with the claroscuros that are expected of a good work of Noire. In general it is quite static, but all illustrations are so quality that it is not an aspect that impacts negatively in the global computation. The music, on the other hand, is shrill and the effects are superimposed very clearly, making it annoying to maintain the sound of this game. A pity, because your presentation traps.

The Slotfather Part II has 243 pay lines in a standard grid formed by the usual 5 rollers of which 3 rows are displayed. All these award lines are formed thanks to the freedom to apply any coincidence of at least 3 figures in concentric rollers as a prize, as long as they start from the left, clear. On this grid 11 different figures are shown that we organize them as follows:

  • 2 low-value thematic figures.
  • 2 themed figures of medium value.
  • 2 high-value thematic figures.
  • 3 Special figures themes of very high value that are also accompanied by a special bonus. These are figures that can occupy a complete column.
  • The WILD that can replace any of the previous ones, but only appears on the second and fourth column in the standard game and in all except the first in the free runs.
  • The scatter that offers prize from 2 (in any position) and free thrown away from 3.

There are several possible bonuses that make The Slotfather Part II be a fairly original and fun game. To begin with we have free runs, getting them easier than it seems, as it depends on the appearance (quite frequent) of the scatters. With 3 symbols already give 8 free rolls, with 4, 12 and with 5, 20. A very good amount that can also always increase if scatters appear on the runs. During these runs the wildcard figures can appear in more rollers, specifically at all but first, further increasing the chances of winning prizes. And when the runs are over, there is a special bonus prize insured.

Apart from free runs, there is a bonus mode by getting at least 3 gangster bonus figures. When this happens, a table appears with several folders that we must go by selecting and that contain different prizes or collection. As soon as we select the collection we can no longer win rewards of the folders that continue without being selled. According to the Gangster that has taken us to this collection, the rules change, for example Fat Tony has more minor prize folders and Frankie has few prize folders to select but very high value, Snake Eyes between the intermediate position .

To this whole system you have to add the classic Double Up of BetSoft. This consists of a button that allows you to bend or lose the profits of a prize in a normal roll, being able to bet half or everything to a face or cross game.

All this is accompanied by an RTP of 96.6%, that is, in the average, a very high volatility and maximum prizes of 1,693,500 coins, one of the highest ones that can be found in online casinos and for the That the bet is 123 coins.

The Slotfather Part II, nuestra opinion

We are facing one of the best, but is the best, Betsoft online slot. Good graphics, many bonuses and a prizes of very high value.

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