Slot review

RTP 96.09%
volatility Media

Football Mania Deluxe

This video slot is inspired by one of the most powerful passions that human beings can feel: football.

In a completely sports environment, this video slot takes the stadium to your fingers so you can play in full court.

In a 3 × 3 format with 9 reels and multiple game functions, you can enjoy up to the value of your bet.

The emotion of summary soccer in 9 reels:

The bottom of the board is the soccer field full of fanatics. The symbols are scenes that we can find in each match: an arbitrator taking out a red card, a expectant goalkeeper, and two players debating the ball. You will also see the ball, some soccer tacos, 3 types of glasses, a whistle, hats and whistles of fans and the special symbol "Football Lottery".

The soccer ball is the greater payment symbol, follow the glasses in gold, silver and bronze, the goalkeeper, the players, the referee, the whistle, the whistle, the slippers and the football Lottery.

To the right of the board you will find a small archery where the 9 balls are placed that will allow you to access the special function "Football Bonus". Below a wooden library appears with the shelves for Lotto 1000, Lotto 4000 and Lotto 10000.

Functions that combine the passion of fans and players:

The game mode of blocked symbols allows you to keep the symbol as you want in the same position to try to ensure winning combination. The game will automatically block the best symbols but you can change them according to your own criteria.

The Football Bonus bonus function: it is activated by completing the 9 balls on the board on the right. The more symbols of balls you get more prizes you will win.

The Lotto function applies to those who have achieved 3 symbols of lottery tickets in the 3 central reels. A mini round of selection (pick and click) will be activated so that players can choose one of the 3 objects that rewards you with cash.

The function of Mega Win:

It is the great opportunity of the game to win up to 1000x the value of your bet!

In addition, in the case of a game of Wazdan, you will be able to opt for the unique functions such as modifying the volatility of the game and the speed of rotation of the reels, as well as access the immediate bet function in which, with a click, you can duplicate your bet. In this game, playing at normal speed, it is very exciting since it is a penalty and you must select the side towards which the ball will go. There are 7 shots to get duplicate your victory.

If you are looking for a game full of adrenaline, where you sit in full soccer field, this game will surely like it.

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