Slot review

RTP 96.38%
volatility Media

Fruit Mania Deluxe

This video slot is inspired by the magic of a good show circus or cabaret? This will be your question when you see the beautiful and voluptuous girl who accompanies the presentation of the game. Dressed in a tiny suit in the burlesque style, this slot is shown with a 3 × 3 format and offers 20 fixed pay lines, as well as the possibility of winning up to 1000x the value of your bet!

Spectators - players ready for the show:

The game is developed at the center of a scenario of what could be a circus tent. Although the scenario is empty, we see the board in the center with the reflectors pointing directly towards the symbols. To the right we find two small boxes in which the bonus symbols are accumulated as the red diamond and the word "Lotto".

The musical background is animated and expectant, as if we were about to witness an incredible circus show what emotion!

In the payment table we find the red diamond symbol that is the one that rewards you appearing from four and up to nine times; Then follow the symbol with the word "Vegas" but the letters in red, then the same symbol but with the word "Vegas" all grayish, and then, another one with the word "Vegas" but with the letters in black.

In the order of payments follows the symbol of the watermelon, the star of five tips, the bell, the plum, the orange, the cherries, and the symbol of "Lotto" in yellow with black letters.

Special functions of the game:

Among the special bonus functions we find diamond bonus symbols, Lotto Bonus symbol, and the game mode of blocked symbols.

The special function of diamonds: is activated when you achieve nine cumulative diamonds in the table that appears on the right side of the game. Free turns will be activated in which each diamond will remain in place until the round end.

The mode of blocked symbols: it is one of the functions in which the best combination symbols remain locked, although players can unlock them if they wish. It is an option but under your criterion.

The Lotto bonus function: it is activated when you achieve three symbols of the "Lotto" in the three central reels. Once you are activated, players can choose between one of the three boxes to redeem it automatically by prizes.

The Special Mega Win function is available in this game and allows you to reach up to 1000 x the value of your bet.

In addition, as the Wazdan Games, it has a unique bonus function that consists of the possibility of modifying the speed of the reels and the volatility of the game, as well as the unique bet function, in which the players can choose to duplicate their Earnings through a mini round of selection.

When you play at normal speed, this function will show you two girls, in the middle of the scenario a green dressed and the other dressed in red color. When choosing any of them, the reflector will illuminate the center of the stage where the star is located whose color you will be able to guess. If you walk with the color of the star, you can continue duplicating and thus consecutively up to seven successful opportunities to win the prize. However, when you play at a maximum speed, the selection is simplified in two buttons: one red and one black to guess the color of the cockpit.

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